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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It

So...My Monday Made It this week is more like "Monday I have plans in the near future to make it." lol! Does the week somehow get away from you, too?! We were all so buy with getting new grass and the Fourth that I hardly had time to work on anything crafty!
The one thing I DID finish that I am super excited about are my Pinterest boards. It's like a summer ritual to go through them and re-organize, add some boards, delete some's a full day process, right??  After reading Kristen's post {Ladybug Teacher's Files} I knew that I had to do the same thing to my Pinterest boards. Y'all...I'm in love! I keep showing my husband and he's not nearly thrilled as he should be about the whole thing, but it looks SO much better! And I love how it matches my blog!
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My next almost-made it is my word wall! I swore I wasn't going to change my word wall this year. At the end when I was throwing everything else into my closet, I delicately pulled the staples out of my words and made sure not to rip any of the paper. I'm changing my bulletin boards to plain black background and using bright borders to word wall right now is sky blue...which I love, and my numbers are backed in the same color. I think they'll probably stay...but I saw this pin and couldn't get over the idea of using bright paper to make my word wall.'s a work in progress. I need to go up to school to see if I need to trim the paper down any {12x12 might be a bit too big once I get it all together...I'm thinking of trimming them to 10x10} I promise I will post pictures when I'm done!

I have a few more in-progress projects but I will wait until they're all complete to post! :) What things have you been working on this summer?! Head back over to Tara's blog to see what everyone else has been crafting!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made It!

Good morning friends!
I'm *finally* linking up with my friend Tara for her Monday Made It linky. I'm telling you, people, I look forward to this linky ALL year. When the school year comes around I just don't have time to craft like I like to. Also, we moved into a new house this year and I have had ZERO time to decorate. So, guess what I will be doing this summer?!?!

I've already been pinning like crazy!

So...I only got around to doing 1 craft this week. I had many more on my list, but we had dentist appointments and dance recitals and summer sun to soak up!

I had reallllllly wanted a chalkboard above our mantle for a long time. I made one using a picture frame and chalkboard paint at Spring break. It was fabulous! It's a 2-day process because of dry time. I waited patiently, found the quote I wanted to write and then began! I was so excited! Then....I wasn't really thinking that I was writing ON GLASS and I leaned on the glass...just the tiniest little bit and CRACK!
can you see the crack? So sad! I didn't have time to remake the chalkboard at spring break, (it's a 2-day process, people!) so I just squished the glass together the best that I could! You couldn't even tell when it was up on the mantle. :D
So, for summer my first project was to fix the broken glass piece. This time I bought a replacement MIRROR. They are MUCH thicker than the glass and can handle a lot more pressure from writing. You can buy just a mirror in picture-frame size by the wall frames in Hobby Lobby. I used a 40% off coupon so it was a $7 fix. I spray painted the back of the mirror- the front was beveled which I did not want on my chalk board, so I just flipped it over. That way, I figure if I ever get tired of the chalkboard I can easily flip it over and use as a mirror.
Ahhhh...a fresh new chalk board!
 Here's the finished look. I love it! I can't wait to change the quotes out now as the season change. And I'm getting and itch to make, like, 7 more of them and place them throughout the house!!
Head over to Tara's blog to check out the rest of the Made It's! I will be back next week!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Reader's Theater!

Hi guys! 
I'm super excited about my Made It this week!! I've been brainstorming ways to get change up my stations routine this year- and I'm really looking forward to introducing Reader's Theater! I know that my Kinders will be SO excited about this! I love incorporating Reader's Theater into my class....but it's going to be a challenge to let go of the reigns and let my kids have at it. lol! Maybe in December?! ;)

So- I created a puppet theater (the one pictured will stay at home for Ella) for my kids to use after MUCH practice. The best thing about this puppet theater? When it's not in use I can easily fold it up and put it in the closet! It's not big and bulky and in the way all the time! Here's the tutorial!
 {all material were from Hobby Lobby. Make sure to get the black project board (or another color that matches your fabrics) There are enough materials pictured to make 2 Puppet Theaters}

Need a resource for Reader's Theater?! Click on over to A Teeny Tiny Teacher's
store and snag up the packet that Ella is reading from {in the video below!}! It is FABULOUS for beginning readers and she has a more advanced pack for those higher kids!
Hop on over to Tara's blog to check out all the other projects this week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Counting Coins and Made It!

Hi guys!

Have y'all heard about the new Texas math TEKS?! {my Texas friends out there!} They have added MONEY into the mix. Thank goodness! I've always taught money in the second semester to my Kinders, but now that it's going to be formally assessed.. it's time to step it up a notch! 

I've been working feverishly on getting Ella ready for Kindergarten {in just a little over a month! ahhhh!!} and she's loving having "mommy school"
I created this pack to prepare her AND to use with my kinders next year. I think I'm in love!

While we are focusing on money this summer- if you read my last Monday Made It post- I shared Ella's chore chart.
While we are introducing the concept of money and allowance, we're going to use these jars to work on the "give, save, live" model.This project was EASY peasy! Like, it took me much longer to purchase the materials than actually make the jars. 
{everything is from Hobby Lobby}

While I was at it with the chalk markers.. I made this to use for my kids' first day of school!
Isn't she adorable?!
Hop on over to Tara's blog to check out the rest of the Made Its for this week! 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It-July 1st!

Hi y'all!
I posted late last week about my fabulous menu board. I'm still loving it and how organized it's keeping my meals and grocery shopping! I'm so excited to have my mojo back and link up with the fabulous Tara from 4th Grade Frolics! 
While I was making the menu board, I made a chore chart for Ella and an "important notes" board for my classroom! I got all of the materials at Hobby Lobby with the exception of the Magnetic Adhesive roll- that was from Wal Mart.

 This was seriously one of the easiest projects I've made in a long time! Basically you just wrap the sheet metal in fabric, and waaahla! A magnetic board! I snazzed Ella's chore chart up a little bit with ribbon and the bow but when I tried to add some to my board I felt it looked a little silly. This time I kept it simple!

If you're interested in the labels, you can grab them HERE.

A little bit about the chore chart:
Ella's "must do" chores are in blue. She must do them every day. It's her job to do these things and she doesn't get an allowance to do them- it's her part of being the family. The "can do" chores are in yellow. She can only do the yellow chores AFTER her blue chores are finished and we do those chores together on Sunday {family cleaning day! woohoo} After she finishes them, she gets a quarter for each one she completes. This way she can take ownership of her responsibilities {last night after cleaning the sink she said "but I don't want to get toothpaste on the sink" while brushing her teeth. Hallelujah!} 
I'm liking the system so far, and I like it a lot better than the sticker charts we've done in the past because what do you do when it's all full? With this chart I hope to incorporate a little money saving and spending strategies into the mix :)

Now, head back over to Tara's linky and check out all the other fabulous Made It's this week!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Daily Graphing- Made It Edition!

Hi guys!! I'm SO super excited for it to finally be summer! 
We've been out of school for a week but all last week I was at a leadership conference.
My favorite part of the summer?! 
Monday Made It!
I've been working on a to-do list all year of things I want to make over the summer. First up on my list... graphing pans! I used pizza pans I got at Dollar Tree to create some daily graphing pans for my class. I created a new interactive calendar for my grade level next year and one thing we really want to incorporate is daily graphing...OTHER than the weather (because that is already daily!) 

Here's a little tutorial for you- it was easy peasy!

{that magnetic roll can be purchased at Wal Mart- it was in the craft section for about $7. It has lasted me a long time and is well worth it!}

 If you're interested in the daily questions I ask my students and the labels, you can purchase them HERE from my TpT store.
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