5 {for Friday}

So.. I think I'm going to join Teeny on her "Fraturday" posts... because Friday nights are busy and I can't ever seem to actually link up on a Friday! Last night I was at a dance moms meeting for recital- the season is coming up!! This is going to be Ella's first recital {expect lots of pictures, y'all!} and she's so excited! I love it because I was a dancer growing up, too. So fun!

Here are my 5 randoms! 
We went to Chipotle on Teacher Appreciation Day. LOVE Chipotle!

Who needs white boards to write on? #guidedreadinglessons

Sweet Mother's Day card! I should have shared it earlier! oops!

We're *almost* finished up with our poetry notebooks!! I can't wait to share once they're completed!

Fun Friday stations! Only the kids who completed their work all week in stations get to do the fun basket! This week was water coloring sight words!


  1. Dry erase on the tables! I love that idea!

    I Heart Kindergarten

  2. Love the dry erase tables. Why haven't I thought of that?? Great idea!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I went to Chipotle too!!! And your mother's day card is so cute!!

  4. We always just write on our desks or tables! I love that you do it too! Super cute blog! Love the pictures!

  5. I keep telling myself that I need to start having my students wrote on the tables. It would make life so much easier! I love your fun Friday activity, too :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  6. My kids absolutely LOVE writing on my table!! They think it's SOO cool! It's so simple...and much easier than getting out the dry erase boards!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class


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