Saturday, March 21, 2015

5 For Friday

Ya''s the last weekend on my spring break! {sad face!} But the next few months will be fast and furious and I LOVE this time of the year so much!

I've got a little bit of this and a little bit of that for this week's Five for {Saturday} post! We were on break so I spent a lot of quality time with my family!
I got my latest Stitch Fix in this week! I've been thinking about quitting it...I can't decide! Every box I had this winter was mehh....could've been a lot better- but then again, I am a spring/summer girl so I naturally go toward bright summer clothes. swoon. Here are a few of my picks this month!
 Sheesh! I need to get rid of that camera strap!
 I love this top! I love the perfect dolman fit...and it's nice and long! And super comfy (and cute!) It would be perfectly paired with a red or mustard I'm on the lookout for one!
 I love the colors of this top...but the fit was not quite right. It wasn't quite long enough and laid a little funny in the front. Otherwise, I loved it! If you're interested in your own Stitch Fix, I would love you to use my referral link!
 I have been using Young Living essential oils the last month or so...and I am in love! They have been great at helping fend off sickness and support healthy living for my family and I. My daughter and I made this "sleep spray" to help keep her in her room at night...she wakes up around 11 every night because she's scared and comes into our room. I will say, since we made it she's only come in our room once and I just reminded her to get her sleep spray out and spray her pillow. It works like a dream! And it smells soooooo yummy too!
Ella has a solar system project due 2 weeks after spring break. We got a head start on it...I will be sharing this tomorrow!
It's finally beginning to feel like spring around here! We've had a crazy cold/snowy winter {for us! I'm not complaining, New England friends!!} so I have been ready for warmth for a while! We bought a bunch of pretty annuals and planted them in our front flowerbeds. Nothing like freshly planted flowers!
{pink and orange are my favorite colors so naturally I chose these marigolds and dianthus!}
We took the kids to a fun science museum we have here..and look at this guy! He was so fun for the kids to see and pet!
Head over to Kaci's blog to hop around!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Word Wall

Hi friends!

I've been meaning to post about my word wall FOR.EV.ER! I posted about it on Instagram this summer and had a lot of feedback from you guys! I wanted to wait until we were a little further into the year to post pictures so you can see what it looks like in action! I am loving it this year!

Each square is a 9x9 sheet of cardstock that I bought in this pack from Hobby Lobby. I originally wanted to use the whole 12x12 sheet but it was just too big when I started laying it out. The 9x9 size has worked out perfectly! You can snag up the little letter labels HERE for free!
The word wall is a huge statement in my classroom and my kids use it all the time as a reference! I printed my sight words in colored cardstock, also {so I can say "the blue word under letter T" to help a student who is having a hard time finding a word} I backed it with black to break it up a little bit and make it pop. Maria has some wonderful printable sight word labels you can snag for free!

My favorite thing this year is the addition of pictures on each letter. I got the idea from Kaci! For homework once a week, I have students cut out pictures that begin with the letter or 2 that we focus on each week from magazines, sales circulars, or whatever they have on hand. This is a GREAT way to differentiate for those kiddos who need the little extra support. Especially in the beginning of the year, we can look to the word wall to generate words that begin with a certain letter. It's fun to watch the word wall get fuller as the year goes on!
With this addition, my kids take ownership in the word wall and they LOVE the environmental print! Do you see the "Target" on T? Minnie and Mickey on M? Dalmatians on D? Ninja Turtles on T? 
I LOVE teaching sight words! I'll be back tomorrow to show you a few fun things I do to teach them!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Green Eggs and Ham

You guys!

Green Eggs and Ham is right up there with my all time favorite kids-lit. I *may* be a little partial because it was the first book that Ella could read completely by herself...but, still- it's a good one! I love teaching rhyming words and there's nothing like Green Eggs and Ham to make rhyming fun!

We started off by reading the book and took several pauses to complete the rhyming phrases. Then we made some connections- what kid has not been FORCED to try something they just KNOW they will not like?! And then they end up liking it after all! {like every night at my dinner table! ha!}
 We made a little chart with our connections:
{you can see some here..tomatoes, broccoli, peas, spinach, mustard, lettuce}
And then we wrote about that time.. This one is my favorite! "My mom made me eat peas and my dad too so I tasted them and they were good" HA! Nothing like honesty, right?!
After that, later during the day we made a fun little class book. I will warn you on this one!! Next time, I will either have clip art pre-cut or pictures already printed. So many of the things they cut out from magazines were too hard to think of a real rhyming word so we had to make nonsense words (in Seuss fashion!) but it made it hard to draw for them, too. Lesson learned, right?! {what rhymes with poptart? spaghetti? cereal?! My eyes were starting to cross!}
Go snag this awesome freebie from Christie HERE!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coin sorting {freebie!} anyone else in love with file folder games as much as I am?! I love a good file folder can go in a station basket at any time in the year, you teach it once, and the kids use it again and again! Plus, it stores really well!

We are focusing on money this week {we spiral it throughout the year during calendar time} so I created a few little coin file folder games to add to my math stations. They are kindergarten-appropriate, so there's not a lot of counting combined coins. I'm just keeping it simple!
To snag up these {freebie!} games click HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February writing

Happy Sunday, friends!

I just finished up my February writing packet just in time for the month! This packet has everything you could want for the month of February...Groundhog day, Valentine's day, President's day, and dental health! Take a closer look at some of the activities I have planned for my kinder kids this month:

I have another monthly planner to share with you if you'd like to snag my ideas!
 Click on the pictures below to snag up the freebie!

And...because it is Super Bowl Sunday {I'm frantically cleaning my house after I finish this post! ;)} I have a little sale going on in my shop! Click on the button below to visit my store!
button from Primary Punch

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sneezy the Snowman

We read Sneezy the Snowman this week...I had not read it before and it is the CUTEST! My kids loved that silly snowman!
We have been working hard on story elements and retelling stories and this book is perfect for that! It has a clear problem and solution and the events are pretty easy to do sequential order.

My teammate suggested  making up a little page with all of the pieces from the story so that our kids could tape them onto a popsicle stick {because everything is more fun with a popsicle stick attached!} to retell the story.

We went through the book and ordered the events in the story. I had a Smartboard lesson that my kids could refer back to.
 The LOVED doing this - and I can tell you that every. single. child. was successful. I put them in partners and they lined up all the pieces to retell. It was fun hearing them use the phrases from the story to retell their partners, and made my heart warm to know that they were really getting it!

If you'd like to snag up these pieces and a retelling worksheet also, click on the pictures below to snag the freebie!
I hope your kids can use this and enjoy it like mine did! Have a happy Friday!