Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coin sorting {freebie!} anyone else in love with file folder games as much as I am?! I love a good file folder can go in a station basket at any time in the year, you teach it once, and the kids use it again and again! Plus, it stores really well!

We are focusing on money this week {we spiral it throughout the year during calendar time} so I created a few little coin file folder games to add to my math stations. They are kindergarten-appropriate, so there's not a lot of counting combined coins. I'm just keeping it simple!
To snag up these {freebie!} games click HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February writing

Happy Sunday, friends!

I just finished up my February writing packet just in time for the month! This packet has everything you could want for the month of February...Groundhog day, Valentine's day, President's day, and dental health! Take a closer look at some of the activities I have planned for my kinder kids this month:

I have another monthly planner to share with you if you'd like to snag my ideas!
 Click on the pictures below to snag up the freebie!

And...because it is Super Bowl Sunday {I'm frantically cleaning my house after I finish this post! ;)} I have a little sale going on in my shop! Click on the button below to visit my store!
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Friday, January 30, 2015

Sneezy the Snowman

We read Sneezy the Snowman this week...I had not read it before and it is the CUTEST! My kids loved that silly snowman!
We have been working hard on story elements and retelling stories and this book is perfect for that! It has a clear problem and solution and the events are pretty easy to do sequential order.

My teammate suggested  making up a little page with all of the pieces from the story so that our kids could tape them onto a popsicle stick {because everything is more fun with a popsicle stick attached!} to retell the story.

We went through the book and ordered the events in the story. I had a Smartboard lesson that my kids could refer back to.
 The LOVED doing this - and I can tell you that every. single. child. was successful. I put them in partners and they lined up all the pieces to retell. It was fun hearing them use the phrases from the story to retell their partners, and made my heart warm to know that they were really getting it!

If you'd like to snag up these pieces and a retelling worksheet also, click on the pictures below to snag the freebie!
I hope your kids can use this and enjoy it like mine did! Have a happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Arctic Addition

I'm popping in really quick today to share this fun little addition freebie with you! I've been working really hard to incorporate more game-type stations in math this year- especially activities that can be used for more than just one week!

We've been using my teen numbers stack games a lot lately so I though I would make an addition game with similar rules! Easy peasy and we can practice different skills using the same game! We are studying Arctic animals and all things winter this month so I made this Arctic themed! Perfect for January!

There are addition problems up to 10 on the cards. Students can play in pairs or 3. Each student should have 10 linking cubes. One student will choose a card, solve the problem, and then put their linking cube on the answer. Their partner will do the same thing. If the answer has already been covered, the opposing player has the choice to "bump" the player off. If the number covered is theirs, they can stack another one on top. Once 2 cubes are stacked, that spot is locked so that it cannot be bumped!
Click HERE to snag this freebie up on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter writing

Ohhh my goodness you guys! I've taken quite the little "holiday hiatus" and didn't even turn on my computer for a full week over Christmas! We are lucky to have Monday as a work day so we don't have to do too much prep and planning over the break. I've been enjoying my babies and doing lots of snuggling, reading, playing games, and loving on my family. Thank goodness for winter break, right?!

Now that it's*almost* back to reality I have a little planning to do!! We are meeting in the morning to plan the rest of the month and I've been working on the writing component. I really like to step up the game after Christmas break in writing. I *love* this time of the year...sometime around late January/early February it's like everything just CLICKS.  I LOVE it!!

So...we are moving writing out of stations and into writing workshop {I know many of you do workshop all year but I like to start after Christmas} Here's what I have planned so far for January writing. Click HERE or on the pictures and you can download my plans and the blank template!
I'm going to use many resources from my newest packet: Winter Writing!
 Thanks for taking a look! I hope this helps a little bit when planning for your writing the next month! :D

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gingerbread fun!

Hi friends!
I'm hopping in really quick to share with you a few little pages we used this week with The Gingerbread Man. We did a LOT of fun activities..but I have been off my game this week...there's a stomach bug that seems to be going around and it has slowly been working on my family... I'll just say there has been plenty of Lysol spraying this week!

We have been comparing Gingerbread stories and working on text to text connections. My kiddos are getting SO good with this but The Gingerbread Man just really lends itself to text to text connections! We started the week by making a chart. There are several on Pinterest and I have no idea where the original idea came from. It took us all week to fill up this baby! Are your kids as mesmerized by watching you draw as mine?  (do not look at that coyote!! It's hideous! lol!!)
We compared several stories and evaluated which story was the best (my kids are partial to The Jalapeno's a Texas version and my book is signed by the author ;)
After reading several versions, I had my kids create their OWN Gingerbread story. This idea totally goes to my teammate (shout out D'Andra!!) I didn't worry about my kids writing too much with these, we shared our stories orally and it is SO much fun to hear them share! I had one little boy who really got into it and told a very elaborate story about his gingerbread man going into a cave but he didn't have a flashlight so the gingerbread man got away. So creative! 

I like this one- She baked the gingerbread man, her friends in our classroom were chasing him and I was the one who tricked the gingerbread man and ate him!
Click on the page below or HERE to snag up the freebie pages from me!
I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Oh my goodness! It has been a fast week! We had a great Thanksgiving and I think we're all still recovering from all the fun things we did together as a family! I'm thankful for these turkeys:
{photo by Caroline Grace Photography our family is on her home page from last year!}

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas will quickly approach!! ahhh!!! I love love LOVE this time of the year, but man is it BUSY! I finished up my December {Straight Up! for December} packet and I might just use every single page this month! Here are a few pages to sneak a peek!
 AND the best news... I bundled up these printable packets and made one big huge download if you want to snag them ALL at one time! The whole-year bundle includes 40 printable pages for each month from September through May! The bundle saves you 20% off of buying each one separately!

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