Menu board!

Morning you guys!
I finally am back to some sort of "normal" since moving! Woohoo! 
I made this little menu board {if you're a facebook fan you were probably a part of the ribbon/ no ribbon debate!} and I have the tutorial all ready for you all!
I've been wanting to make one of these boards since last summer, but never found the time to make it! I'm SO super excited to have it all complete. No more "What am I going to make for dinner?!" around 5 o' clock. I modeled my board after this website's board. My original thought was to make a magnetic board but when I looked at making those bottle cap magnets, they were expensive! So, I opted for the cork board. My total cost was around $10- I already had the ribbon and cardstock, so I didn't have to buy any just for this project. 
click HERE to print the menu labels from my board.

So, you must be wondering about the meal planning cards. I used this template to make mine. {from the same blog that I modeled mine after} This lady is a genius! I didn't take a picture, but on the back of each meal are the ingredients that I would need to purchase (so, anything that is not a staple) to add to my shopping list. *swoon*

I hope you make one and it makes your life #somucheasier!
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Stay Organized!

Morning y'all!
Now that I'm getting back in the swing of things after our move, I'm on to getting more organized for the rest of the summer. I feel like half of it is gone already! Have you seen this pin? There are several variations that I've seen, but I liked this one the best!
 {click to go to the direct link}

I really want to try and keep my kids busy this summer 1)They're running around the apartment like hooligans making lots of noise for our 1st floor neighbors and 2)I don't want them to just end up watching TV/ playing games all summer. 

Do you remember {this post} from last summer? I have had several followers email and comment on TpT that I make a new 2013 set, so I did! I snazzed it up a little bit so that it is editable {you can type right into it!} and has the summer schedule on the top. Go snag it up for free if you'd like to keep your ducks all in a row like I do! I've already got mine hanging up and filled out on the fridge. We've got some fun plans for the summer!
Click HERE to download. I'd love to hear if you like it!

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I've missed you guys! Moving into the apartment is all finished and we closed on our house on Friday, so I'm super glad that all of that is over! I feel like all I did in June {can you believe it's almost over?!} is move! This was our first house..Ella was 6 months when we moved in and Luke was born into it, so it was a bit bitersweet. Plus, Ella's BFF {and good friends of ours} lived right across the alley, so we're going to miss them for sure!
The good news is... they've started on our new house! The footing is poured and they should begin on putting all the plumbing in soon!

In the midst of all this moving, Luke managed to bust his head open... he was running and hit the side of his head on our night, commence Luke's first trip to the ER- 2 staples in his head later, he's good as new! The staples are out now and the wound is looking pretty good! Thank goodness it's in his hair and he won't have a huge scar that's visible the rest of his life!

 So, I've been working on updating my {last summer's} "stay organized pack" due to several requests and I should have it all updated tomorrow- I will post about it then! Hope your summer has been off to a more restful start than mine! ;) 

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Daily Graphing- Made It Edition!

Hi guys!! I'm SO super excited for it to finally be summer! 
We've been out of school for a week but all last week I was at a leadership conference.
My favorite part of the summer?! 
Monday Made It!
I've been working on a to-do list all year of things I want to make over the summer. First up on my list... graphing pans! I used pizza pans I got at Dollar Tree to create some daily graphing pans for my class. I created a new interactive calendar for my grade level next year and one thing we really want to incorporate is daily graphing...OTHER than the weather (because that is already daily!) 

Here's a little tutorial for you- it was easy peasy!

{that magnetic roll can be purchased at Wal Mart- it was in the craft section for about $7. It has lasted me a long time and is well worth it!}

 If you're interested in the daily questions I ask my students and the labels, you can purchase them HERE from my TpT store.
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Swimming into Summer GIVEAWAY for ALL!

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You may remember in the fall, that I got together with my great friends Tessa (Tales from Outside the Classroom), Nicole (Teaching with Style), and Ashley (Teacher's Treasure Chest) and we gave away some items for free for people who signed up.  Not a giveaway where only a few people got it; every single person received the items!!!!!  We wanted a fun and different way to thank our followers.  Well, we decided to do it again and we recruited some of our best blogger friends!

You can receive ALL of this!
To receive the Swimming into Summer items, all you need to do is follow ALL of our blogs and come back and fill out our form.  That's it!  You can enter now through Sunday, June 9th.  We'll start sending them out on Monday, June 10th.  You can go to each blog, by clicking on each button below.
Rowdy in Room 300
A day in first grade
It's LMN Tree
My (Not So) Elementary Life
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Sunny Days in Second
Mrs Wheelers First Grade
Remember, all you need to do to get all of these is just follow each blog and enter using this form.  Even if you're already out of school, you can use these next year! :)
Hurry up though! The giveaway will only run through Sunday, June  9th. So sign up now and we will begin sending out the products next Monday!

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