I've missed you guys! Moving into the apartment is all finished and we closed on our house on Friday, so I'm super glad that all of that is over! I feel like all I did in June {can you believe it's almost over?!} is move! This was our first house..Ella was 6 months when we moved in and Luke was born into it, so it was a bit bitersweet. Plus, Ella's BFF {and good friends of ours} lived right across the alley, so we're going to miss them for sure!
The good news is... they've started on our new house! The footing is poured and they should begin on putting all the plumbing in soon!

In the midst of all this moving, Luke managed to bust his head open... he was running and hit the side of his head on our night, commence Luke's first trip to the ER- 2 staples in his head later, he's good as new! The staples are out now and the wound is looking pretty good! Thank goodness it's in his hair and he won't have a huge scar that's visible the rest of his life!

 So, I've been working on updating my {last summer's} "stay organized pack" due to several requests and I should have it all updated tomorrow- I will post about it then! Hope your summer has been off to a more restful start than mine! ;) 

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  1. Poor Luke!! Can't wait to see the new house when it's all finished!

  2. You HAVE been busy!! Looks like your little guy was a trooper, though! And what a big job building a house is...have fun with it!! I'm excited for you!!

    ABCs and Polkadots

  3. I headed over here from the School Supply Addict's Giveaway. I'm happy to say that I'm one of your newest followers. We are building a house soon too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they start breaking ground in a week or two. I'm so sorry about your little guy!

  4. Omg poor Luke, I felt like that in May when my little monkey fell in music class on a drum & cut between her ear & head. The joke is that they had to glue her back together because she was broken. I can not get enough reading all these blogs ;-)
    Seemed like he was a brave boy just like my baby, I was freaking out were u?


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