Teacher Life Map!

I had the chance to meet a few of my dearest blogging friends recently!! I met April from A Modern Teacher and Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits a few weeks ago when I was on vacation. We had so much fun chatting!! {forgive the lighting! We were inside a restaurant at night!}
 April was SO SO sweet to bring Reagan and I one of her fancy new teacher planners. She calls them the Teacher Life Map.
 Y'all... I have a problem with planners...my school gives us a calendar with everything all pre-typed out for us {district dates. PLC's, birthdays, etc.} and it is great...but then I HAVE to use a desk calendar for my desk. Then, I have my teaching binder, post-its everywhere at home, and then menu lists strewn all over the place. I love a good planner.
Here's the monthly shot. I LOVE using washi tape on my calendar..I usually color code with  the tape...the green here is family, yellow is kid's stuff, pink is school, and stripes are appointments. Plus, it's pretty aesthetically pleasing, right?!
 The Teacher Life Map has weekly pages, a place for meal planning each month {big 'ol puffy heart LOVE that} a place for a monthly curriculum overview, notes from meetings, and I could keep going! It is PERFECT for a teacher!! This little guy is not leaving my side this year!
Visit April's post HERE to take a closer look at some of the other pages. I'm so excited to have this this year!


  1. What is washing tape? Guess I'm out of the loop. Lol

  2. It's paper tape. easily removable.

  3. Love it!! and love that y'all got to meet up! So fun!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach
    A Splash of Life Blog

  4. I LOVE the idea of using wash tape! Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten

  5. Ah!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You are so sweet, you know I love you. It was SO fun meeting you and I really can't wait for us to meet-up again!!! thank you for this post.

  6. any chance for more of the teacher life maps? Everything is sold out on your page. I bought the sunshine lesson planner thinking it was the teacher planner!


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