Winter writing

Ohhh my goodness you guys! I've taken quite the little "holiday hiatus" and didn't even turn on my computer for a full week over Christmas! We are lucky to have Monday as a work day so we don't have to do too much prep and planning over the break. I've been enjoying my babies and doing lots of snuggling, reading, playing games, and loving on my family. Thank goodness for winter break, right?!

Now that it's*almost* back to reality I have a little planning to do!! We are meeting in the morning to plan the rest of the month and I've been working on the writing component. I really like to step up the game after Christmas break in writing. I *love* this time of the year...sometime around late January/early February it's like everything just CLICKS.  I LOVE it!!

So...we are moving writing out of stations and into writing workshop {I know many of you do workshop all year but I like to start after Christmas} Here's what I have planned so far for January writing. Click HERE or on the pictures and you can download my plans and the blank template!
I'm going to use many resources from my newest packet: Winter Writing!
 Thanks for taking a look! I hope this helps a little bit when planning for your writing the next month! :D


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!! I love how you have broken everything into manageable parts!! Do you do this for every month the rest of the year?

  2. OH my goodness those are THE cutest little crafts!


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