Green Eggs and Ham

You guys!

Green Eggs and Ham is right up there with my all time favorite kids-lit. I *may* be a little partial because it was the first book that Ella could read completely by herself...but, still- it's a good one! I love teaching rhyming words and there's nothing like Green Eggs and Ham to make rhyming fun!

We started off by reading the book and took several pauses to complete the rhyming phrases. Then we made some connections- what kid has not been FORCED to try something they just KNOW they will not like?! And then they end up liking it after all! {like every night at my dinner table! ha!}
 We made a little chart with our connections:
{you can see some here..tomatoes, broccoli, peas, spinach, mustard, lettuce}
And then we wrote about that time.. This one is my favorite! "My mom made me eat peas and my dad too so I tasted them and they were good" HA! Nothing like honesty, right?!
After that, later during the day we made a fun little class book. I will warn you on this one!! Next time, I will either have clip art pre-cut or pictures already printed. So many of the things they cut out from magazines were too hard to think of a real rhyming word so we had to make nonsense words (in Seuss fashion!) but it made it hard to draw for them, too. Lesson learned, right?! {what rhymes with poptart? spaghetti? cereal?! My eyes were starting to cross!}
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  1. Thank you! We're doing this book this week, this will be a perfect addition. I love the idea of inserting "NAME-I am!" Cute! Jen


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