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I have been really working on some PD reading this summer! The latest book I'm reading is "But HOW Do You Teach Writing?" By Barry Lane. It has been a wonderful, easy read!

I am taking on a new challenge this year teaching 4th grade writing...and I am *so* nervous about it!! eeks! I really love teaching writing in the younger grades and I enjoy writing myself, so I am excited about the change!

That being said...I feel like I understand how to teach kindergarten children to love writing...but 4th?! I'm still not quite sure what to do with big kids! I'm going to need a lot of moral support, y'all! So, my goal this summer has been to get my hands on as many writing books as I can!

And you know what? It seems that the basic idea is the same as teaching a 6 year old to write. Give them choice. Have a writing block every day. Write with your students. Conference with your students. Encourage questions.

So maybe it won't be so bad after all?

Have you ever been in a workshop where they ask you to quick write about a certain topic? Teachers become the students and begin feverishly jotting ideas down. Scratching out, erasing, re-writing?

I HATE quick writing. I usually get to the point in about 3 minutes and have been given 5 minutes to write. I feel like I have adequately explained my ideas without further elaboration needed. Then I start second guessing myself...

If everyone else is writing, do I not know something I should know? What more could I add? How can I make this piece better? Maybe a doodle down the margin? ;)

So when Barry Lane began his chapter by encouraging you to do a quick write with students I cringed. NO! Not a TIMED quick write!! I can't stand it!

But I *love* that he encourages you to dig a little deeper in with your students and ask them for a little sneak peek at what happens behind the scene when writing. This is where I don't know what to do with big kids. Can they really do that?! Is it that simple??

I'm going to try it...I want to see what the result is. If it's a #teacherfail I'll just go with the flow ;)

I made up this little page to try it out. {click on the image} Snag it up if you could use it! I plan on reading mine to my students the first week that we try this!


  1. Thinking of you lots this summer as you prepare for your new teaching adventure!! You will be FABULOUS, my friend!!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog by chance today. I am a 4th Grade Teacher and writing is my FAVORITE thing to teach! What a big change for you! I like this little writing exercise. Thanks for sharing. :)


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