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The beginning of a new year comes with so much excitement! I love getting started with writing workshop in my classroom! Here are a few things that I like to include the first few weeks for "getting to know you" activities.

Using these prompts is a great way for students to share what makes them unique (I like to quiz-quiz-trade with these prompts so students can share with their peers without feeling the pressure of sharing with a large group)

Once your students have finished several of these pages in their notebooks, they will have a great resource for topics to write about! It makes generating ideas for journaling so easy!

Click on any of the pictures to see the packet!

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  1. It is so beautiful! Your editing gives me soon many ideas !!!!
    I had a big flower (on color paper) on my door a couple years back, my name was in the middle and on every petal, a student's name was written.... I was thinking of doing an activity to learn about my students in a presentation much like the flower I used to have on my door.... The things I'm grateful for is such a good idea, it's quite simple, but is also an open question...

    Thank you for ALL these great ideas, you inspire me :-)


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