Happy Sunday, friends!

I have a winner for my laminator giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Monica M- I am sending you an email right now!
Thank you to everyone who entered and followed for the giveaway - look how close I am to 1,000! I can hardly believe it!
Did you guys notice the spiffy new page links up at the top of my blog? I'm hoping to continue adding fonts and I thought this would be an easy place to keep them. Check it out periodically- I've added a few new ones since the last time I posted!
I'm still working on lesson plans for this week (eek!) but I keep getting sidetracked by cleaning the house... I don't know which one is worse! While I was at it- I put up our Halloween decorations! I made that little witch wreath last year and had it on our door- but our door is black so it didn't show up as well as I would've liked. She found a new home on the mantle! Isn't she adorable?!
 This little wreath is my FAVE-orite seasonal decoration. I got the idea from {this blog}. I've been working on making one for every season and I am ALMOST DONE! I did Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas yesterday so I am good through December! Seriously, go read the post and look at her awesome wreaths. You won't regret it!
So all of that was totally non- school related, but I hope you saw something you liked! I'm off to finish my plans and figure out what I'm doing with Zero this week (20 days already?!?!)


  1. So cute!! My daughter's birthday is on Halloween so it's my favorite time to decorate!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun!

  2. I love decorating for Halloween!! It's almost as much for as decorating for Christmas! Love the wreath!

    First Grade Fascination

  3. I think I can comment with the word "obsessed" on every post and I'd be fine ;)

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  5. I love it all! Your top bars look great too! I noticed them very quickly.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  6. YAYYYY, that's me!! I am soooo excited! I just saw your post, but I didn't get your email? Hmmm?!! And I LOVE your tutu wreath, I've been dying to make one of those!!

    Thanks agaiN!

  7. Love the mantel! The Tutu witch wreath is awesome!


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