Ten frames!

Happy almost-Friday!

I had this great post all laid out in my head; took great pictures this week and was all ready to get them up tonight when I pulled out my camera and realized I have the wrong cord! poo! The cord that I *need* is lying in my cabinet at school... doesn't do me a whole lot of good there!

So, this is a short post but I'm getting ready for stations next week and I whipped up this little guy for Math tubs: is everyone else STILL working on 0-5?! I feel like we always beat. the. numbers. 0-5. into. the. ground. lol! We get to move on soon, but not yet! 

We've composed and decomposed a million different ways with different games (pictures! ugh!)so I feel like my little ones are ready for a good ol' cut and paste! 

Who doesn't love a little cut and paste?

Until you have a friend that goes at his shirt like he has a weed wacker.

Seriously, ya'll. 
It happened.

Needless to say... I've enlisted a few friends to help me out there!
They keep an "eye" out for me :)

So that we CAN do that good old fashioned cut and paste while Mrs. Alderson works with a small group.

{click on the picture to snag!}
Graphics from DJ Inkers 
and fonts by me {click on the link that says "fonts" above}

Hope you can use it!



  1. This will be perfect for next week! Thanks so much...it's so cute! :)

  2. Thanks for always sharing your great work!! BTW...I am loving your fonts!! I have used them in a few of my creations & can't get enough of it!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Thanks! Would you be willing to make one with 6-10? Appreciate your sharing!

  4. Well, if it makes you feel better one of my friends cut a huge chunk out of his hair (like down to the scalp) during literacy centers this week! Ahhh!! Love the freebie!

  5. I just spent my afternoon making more resources for numbers to 5 and then. . .bam your post shows up on my sidebar. These are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  6. Thanks for the freebie. I can't wait to use it with my kinders.


  7. My preschool daughter will love this :)

  8. Darling...thanks!
    I'm lovin' your fonts, too:)

  9. Thanks for the Freebie! I totally understand. I had one my darlings trying to cut her nose today.

  10. Thanks for the freebie! I have a friend that has cut two shirts, a pair of shorts and his hair! His dad told him that if he cut anything else but paper, he would be wearing a dress to school! lol He hasn't cut anything since!

    1. LOL!! Glad I'm not the only one :) And whatever it takes, right?!

  11. This is PERFECT for the time of year and the time in our curriculum! Thanks so much!!

  12. Thanks for sharing! This will be perfect for my kinders!

    ~ Amy

  13. How do you make these cool worksheets? Is there a program?


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