Christmas behavior incentive!

Y'all... my kids are 50 shades of crazy this week! I know they're excited about the holidays and all the funtivities that lead up to them. We've had crazy cold weather (for us... highs in the teens and sleet/ snow/ cold stuff that I don't like) and we've missed {outside} recess!! 

I was thinking about how I could change up my incentives a little bit at least for this next week and I remembered my bestie's (I'm pretty sure that is an incorrect use of "'s" :D) blog post about her Halloween table points. I used her adorable jack-o-lanterns during Halloween and I'm so excited to introduce these adorable trees into the mix!

I bought felt in green, red, teal and white. You could get a lot more creative here, but I'm keepin' it pretty simple. I used a Christmas tree template to trace onto the green felt.

I cut 4 trees out- because I only have 4 tables but you could cut out as many as you need. I free-handed the circles and stars for ornaments and now I have a super easy table point system!

I *love* using table points for my kiddos. It is such a great visual and it really encourages team work rather than JUST individual behavior. I love how it brings out the kindness in my kids when they see a friend is struggling to get the right calendar page out or are not quite on task like they should be and they help them.When my students earn a table point they get to add an ornament onto their tree. Once the tree is decorated they earn an incentive!

I hang these up with tape and then keep a little baggie with the pieces tacked to my bulletin board. 

If you'd like the template I used for the tree, click on the picture below to snag it up!


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