DIY Snowmen Ornaments!

I've been making the same fabulous ornaments as parent gifts for the past 3 years. As the time has gotten closer I kind of looked around at all the cutesy little ornaments students can make for their parents on Pinterest. There are so many!!

I always test things out on my own kids first *just in case* it's a fail. I had seen these cute little snowmen handprint ornaments so decided to give it a try. It was super simple- I just painted their hands up with white acrylic paint and then place the ornament in their hand and wrapped their fingers around it to make a print. Easy peasy. I thought "I HAVE GOT TO MAKE THESE IN CLASS!"

Then..I let the hand print dry and started painting the scarves. I used a teeny tiny paint brush for the scarves and a black paint bottle with the tip on it for the rest. It wasn't so bad. Not until I got cramps in my hands from squeezing the paint bottle so hard and then painting the tiny scarves on. They're adorable, don't get me wrong. But I do NOT want to do this for 23 students.I'm glad I have them for my own 2 kids, but it's back to the clay ornaments we go!

What special ornaments or gifts do you have your students make? Read THIS post about how I make the ornaments.


  1. We found paint markers (Elmer's Painters Opaque Paint Markers) that work REALLY well for all those details!! They aren't quite as pretty as yours though!! I found them on AND they last for at least 2 years...I used the same ones tonight that I used last year!

  2. Those ornaments ARE adorable... but yeah - doing all that work for an entire class would be CRAZY!

  3. Call me crazy, but we are making these today!! Wahoo!! The kindergarten team has done it for years!! Wish me luck!!

  4. We make the reindeer ones where they put their thumb in brown paint to make 3 reindeer and when dry they add black antlers, eyes, nose. The one in the middle gets a red nose to be Rudolph! We tie on a cute ribbon and VIOLA! Very easy and cute! They write their name and year on the back with the black sharpie also!

  5. I've had my Kinder class make these for several years now. I let the students look at my sample and then give them permanent color markers and let then draw their own details.

  6. Yeah, we use sharpies too and let the kids draw their own snowmen. Works better on colored ornaments rather than the clear ones. Also, if you can find plastic, they're the best so when little hands drop them, they don't break! Learned that one the hard way! lol


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