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Hi guys!
Is it a full moon or what?! Today sure did feel like it in my class! Maybe it's the cold weather?! Our high for the last few days has been in the 30's. Brrrrrrr!

We've been working on 3D shapes the last week in math and I wanted to share with you a few things we did. Before introducing anything new I like to pose questions to my students to guide them in their thinking. It's all about higher order thinking, people! 
I put my students in groups and gave them a sorting board (construction paper with a line drawn down the middle ;) and told them they needed to sort the food in any way, as long as there were only 2 groups and they could justify how they sorted it to the class. BOY is this controversial! I have got some leaders in my class, and no one who wants to follow. lol!

{sorted by white/ not-white}
{this group....I LOVE their thinking! sorted by "hard" and "soft"}
and.. of course I forgot to take a picture once I revealed to them how I wanted them to sort their foods...but we sorted 3D v. 2D. You get the picture, right?!

After introducing the shapes and singing LOTS of Harry Kindergarten's 3D Shapes song I took my kids on a 3D shape hunt {accompanied by magnifying glasses and all!} around the school. When we got back we made a little anchor chart:
 We also made the flap books and put them in our interactive notebooks:
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I hope you enjoy!



  1. I really like sorting before telling them 3D and 2D shapes. I love the higher order thinking! Great idea :)



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