Crafting in the hack!

So, I love crafting in my classroom just as much as the next teacher but I always end up with a million models that I make year after year and then eventually I laminate and file away to use as an example for the next year.

Then I had a light bulb moment (and excuse me if you have been doing this for years! lol!) Rather than re-make a new example every year, if I had all the pieces ready so I could still go step by step and not have to re-cut the pieces every year it would make life SO much easier!

Maybe you're one of those super-duper-prepared teachers that I  really would like to be and all your pieces are cut out and waiting for you in a nice bag. I'm not. I pre-plan, don't get me wrong. But let's be honest here. I usually end up modeling and making my sample at the same time.

So, as I was walking the room and monitoring my students walking around with scissors in my hand cutting the pieces this week while we made these TLC penguins I was really trying to think of a better way to go about this!
The most readily available thing that I could think of was Velcro! Don't you love the stuff?! So, after cutting all my pieces out I just placed Velcro on the back of each little piece. This way I can model, go step by step, and help students more easily. Plus, when we go to make the penguin next year- it will all be ready for me!
 Another tip- Target's Up&Up brand gallon sized bags are PERFECT for holding materials like this. You can fit copy paper in there and zip them up all the way! Amazing!

{I just had to show off Ella's writing with this project. So proud of her writing!}
So, are there any especially amazing life hacks that I need to know about that are invaluable in your classroom?! Please share!!



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  2. This is a great idea!! I'm a pre-service teacher so I will definitely keep this tip in mind for when I have my classroom :)

  3. What a genius idea! I never would have thought to use velcro. Yay! No more doing this year after year and have tons of examples!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  4. Great idea! Love the penguins too!


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