Straight up! March edition

Hey y'all!

It is a beautiful 75* and sunny here today {never mind the wind...we never escape it in west TX!}
I'm SO ready for spring... how about you?! I know so many of you are under FEET of snow. I can't imagine. I'm a warm-weather gal myself. I would be happy if it was 85 all the time! 

So, the warm weather got me motivated to finish up my Straight Up {Standards for March!} pack. Here's a little peek:
 Don't think I would leave you without a little freebie page from this pack! 
Click the picture below to snag the ten frames page!
Click on over to my store to snag it up!

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  1. I'm from Canada so let me tell you that I am beyond ready for spring! I've been ready since November 1st so.... ;)
    Your little pack looks adorable!
    Miss Elementary


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