Hey y'all!
I'm just popping in really quick- I'm on Spring break and promised myself I wouldn't do *too* much school stuff! We've been running around all week doing fun stuff and spending lots of quality time together.

I wanted to share with you a little trick that I use occasionally when my students have spring fever and start slacking don't quite remember everything we've worked on in writing.
I use this with my kiddos when I first teach finger spaces waaaaaaaaay back in the fall but then they start getting it and we drop them. I let them put stickers *only if they leave good finger spaces* when we go back to check our writing journals. It's an easy-to-incorporate tip that saves me when writing!
I hope you can use this quick tip in your class- it's amazing what a 5 year old will do for a few stickers!


  1. This is so fun, Nicole! Kids will do just about anything for a sticker!! Or for ONE smartie or ONE skittle or ONE m&m. Gotta love our sweet kindies!!

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