Jack and the Beanstalk!

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I wanted to share a little bit more about the close reading we've been doing the last few months. 
I'm. in. love!

I pretty much follow Tara's model of close reading- it's totally applicable to our little ones and works so well! I own every close reading pack she has- they are fabulous!! {Jack and the Beanstalk is not in her units- but my partners and I wanted to read it during our plant unit} This week we read Jack and the Beanstalk and I wanted to share with you a little about it! Here is my plan- it's just a "loose" version- for the questions on Wednesday I usually go through the book with sticky notes and write my questions out. Otherwise, sometimes I forget exactly what page I wanted to ask the question on. {Click on the picture below to snag up the lesson plan}
After a "cold read" on Monday, I have my students share their "I wonder" questions with each other. Sometimes we just share out loud, sometimes I have them write them out. I love hearing these, because, seriously! they think of things I never would have wondered. I like to guide our conversations in a certain directions or investigate more if they tend to be all wondering the same things.
 On Tuesday, we listen for a new purpose: Vocabulary. I like to give my students ownership of this. I use highlighter tape to tape over the words that they pick out. I stop after reading each page and ask if anyone heard something unfamiliar. I highlight everything they ask about and then we go back and weed out some of the words. Then I have the students help me with the definitions. We turn and share what we *think* the word means and then I give them a definition. We usually make up silly motions and act it out- I want these words to stick! {my kids will gasp at hearing a vocab word months after we have learned it in a different text than the original!}
I forgot to take a picture of my focus board this week- but I write the words on sentence strips and place them in a pocket chart. 
{One of our words this week was "frustrated"- see how my student used the word in her writing!}
On Wednesday, we always ask text-dependent questions. This can be anything- it just means that my students have to cite their evidence and be able to justify their answers. We use highlighter tape for this too- OR if I have a digital copy of the book we highlight on the Smart board.
 On Thursday, I usually have one essential question that my students work together in groups to answer. Sometimes I have them work together on a large sheet of paper, sometimes they each work on their own paper and present as a group- it really just depends.
This Friday we started out writing project...but didn't finish! It was a busy day! It includes a fun craft that I will be sharing with you soon! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about how I close read in my class!


  1. What a great post. I love the simplicity yet complex topic for our little ones. Your progression has hit on the topic exactly the way I've been trained through workshops and conferences. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Cheryl!! It really is such a complex task, but broken down it is totally manageable for our little ones!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Close reading was totally new to me this year. A few colleauges are working through Stephanie Harvey (SP?) but I haven't been able to go to the trainings yet. This is super helpful.


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