Story Problems!

Hey you guys!

It's about that time of year when we're really focusing on using all the different strategies that we've learned in math and combining them all! Of course, we still get out the manipulatives to solve our story problems but I wanted something that could be a quick practice used daily. I made up this little addition and subtraction story problem pack:
The story problems are on half a sheet of paper to cut down on waste. I hate printing out stuff like this on a full page- unless something really good is on the back! :) And- I know some of you have to buy your own paper- so I figured you'd appreciate that.

I've been using these along with my calendar time and I LOVE how quick we can go through all of the strategies together- or independently! There are a set of subtraction and addition problems each that are both differentiated for 1-10 or 11-20 depending on the level of your students!

If you want to try this pack out- click the picture below to snag a little freebie!


  1. We are working on addition and subtraction story problems right now! These are going in my cart! Love them! Thanks for the sample! :)


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