It's allllllllmost summer!!

Can you taste it?! It's sooooooo close! {I know some of you are ALREADY out, I'm super jealous!}
I'm pretending that tomorrow is not a school day...we haven't put the kids down yet- we're living on the wild side!! {it's 8}

Also, I've been working on reservations for Ella's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.... I know, I know!! We went to a party there last summer {the one and only time we've been!} and she HAS NOT been able to stop talking about it. I try to suggest other fun no avail. The girl's got a strong will, I tell you.
So, Chuck E. Cheese's it is.

I also planted some succulents this weekend. They tell me they're super easy to take care of. I sure hope so...because I have the WORST luck with plants. Seriously.
I've also been day-dreaming about my summer. And what I might do with my classroom next year. I've been making a to-do list in my head and on my Pinterest account! :) So..I like to stay a little on track with my plans and make a few million to-do lists. Anyone else with me?!

I made up this little freebie pack last summer. It helped me to stay on track and not lose my summer to catching up on the Today show and reading all the books I can manage {don't worry, I'll still do that}

I'm adding these little to-do lists to the hop on over and snag them up. All of the calendars and lists are EDITABLE so for those of you with can type in them instead of write ;) 
{click on the pictures to snag these up!}


  1. Thanks! Great little packet of lists.

  2. I love having a list and being able to check off each thing as I complete it. Thanks so much for sharing this should help me keep on track this summer.

    Luv My Kinders

  3. love me some organization!

  4. Lovin' this Summer at a Glance sheet!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. OMG! I just stumbled across your blog through facebook and I'm absolutely in love!!! I literally said, "Aww!' out loud. How silly is that? Anyways, thank you for this great to do list, I'm totally OCD too!!

    Alexis ♥ Laugh. Eat. Learn.

  6. Love, love, LOVVVVVVE! Thank you!!! And...have fun at Chuck E. Cheese! Sounds like our daughters are similar. :) #grayhairedmamatoastronggirl
    Growing Firsties


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