Worms! Worms!

It's my favorite week of the year!
I *might* say that a few times a year...when we get to teach something that I REALLY love teaching...the kids get into it, I get really into it, and it's just a whole lot of fun!

To be fair... we are doing 2 weeks of worms- we've been learning about recycling and composting in Science so my teammate {Hi D'Andra!} found some super fun experiments to do with worms.

Last week we read "Diary of a Worm" for our close read.
 Monday is always a "read for enjoyment" day. I have my students respond in their writing station with "I wonder questions." I really loved some of their "I wonders" this week!
"I wonder how worms breath under the ground."
"I wonder how worms make macaroni necklaces because the don't have arms because it is interesting." 
Tuesday is always vocab day.. my kids pick out the words that THEY are not familiar with. I like to guide them a little..but mostly, we go through and they choose the words. 
We came up with these definitions and then on Tuesday my students always write in their station time using a new vocabulary word (or 2, or 3!) 
 "One time I left tracks in the house. My mom got mad she told me to clean up and I did, she said thank you." From the mouths of babes, right?! ;)
"Agents do not dress up just to look cool, dressing up that is not a part of why they are important is this- they protect the president."
On Wednesday we ask text-dependent questions. My students have to go back and find the evidence for their answers. We talked about what worms eat, what happens to them if it rains, and then lots of little silly details about diary of a worm!
Thursday we usually work in collaborative groups- this week we worked ALL collaboratively. We just learned about fact/ opinion so I wanted to model and guide a little bit more before setting them loose to do this! Grab the sorting page HERE for free!
Friday we did this little glyph! SO cute! There is a little "find a friend" activity that goes with it to collect data about the class glyphs!

If you're looking for some extension activities or station work, I have THIS worm FREEBIE packet! 
I hope you can use it!


  1. How fun!!! Have you heard of the easy reader book Wiggle and Waggle? It is about two worm buddies and they have a special gardening song. It's a lot of fun too.
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  2. Definitely adding worms to my themes next year!! So cute!

  3. Looks like fun! I love how you have the kiddos use green and red to check for capitals and periods...."borrowing" that:)

  4. I would love to do something like this for my students! Unfortunately, it's so hard to get any sort of projects approved at my school. The conference room is always full, so scheduling a meeting with the 3rd grade faculty is near impossible! http://www.linkmedia.com.au/accessories/evoko-room-manager.html


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