Verbs! {Interactive Freebie}

Happy Wednesday!

We've been working on verbs a lot the past week...and I REALLY wish I had taken more pictures of what we have! We have sung songs {from YouTube} about verbs, acted verbs out, made sentences with verbs and sorted them. 

I just wanted to share really quick with you guys this little interactive page that I had my kids put in their interactive notebooks today! I made this easy-peasy for my was a half day and we were already a little short on time so we added the definition to our notebooks and illustrated {and labeled what we could} 2 different verbs.
Click on the pictures to snag this little freebie up! After the thought...I decided that it would be fun to add a little bit to the interactive page and brainstorm verbs that we can do in different places at school so I added the second page. Hopefully I can get around to it with my kids! To use it, Your students will fold on the dotted line and glue the little strip to their notebook. Then, they will draw underneath the flap (much like a sticky note).
I hope you enjoy! I love to hear from you if you snagged it up!


  1. Thanks! We have been learning all about verbs too this week, This is perfect!!

  2. We are starting verbs next week and this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the great freebie :) Looks like you're having a good time in room 300 :)

  4. thank you. I'm going to use this with my kinders.

  5. Thanks! I love the idea! When during your day would you teach this, reading or writing? I have only 1 hour for all ELA for 2 classes so I'm not sure when to fit this in.


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