You guys... I swear school just started! How can it already be November?!
As I was working on my November pack I was trying to think what my kids really need to be working on at this time. I feel like we have so far to go and we're already 50 days in! There are so many things to cover! 
I think every month that I make these packets the new one becomes my favorite...I am loving those cute little Melonheadz graphics! We are beginning learning about Thanksgiving starting next week!! I can't wait to incorporate those little guys into a little reader.
I'm thinking about making a packet with just these fall themed addition and subtraction stories...what do you think?! Is it something you'd like to see? Click HERE to see this packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.


  1. For the record, I just love the name of your pack! Straight Up Standards is too cute!

    I am with you though! This year is flying by! It will be June before we know it!

    Chalkboard Charm

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