Rock the STAAR

So, you ladies (and gents) that don't do standardized testing {obviously us K, 1, and 2 teachers} - Do any of you do something special for your coworkers that are giving the tests??

Last year we started "Secret Angels"- it's kind of like Secret Santa, but on a lesser scale, and more words of encouragement/ pick me up snack/ etc that we do for the 3-5 teacher that we're paired with.

The theme for our school this year is "Rock the STAAR". How fun is that?!

 I saw Gladys' post over New Year's about these {FREE} ADORABLE guitars and I knew that we would have to make them to decorate the halls!
They turned out great! We wrote words of encouragement on the middle lines "Do your very best!" "You can do it!" "Rock and Roll on the STAAR" or whatever they felt was best. {of course.. I didn't get any good pictures of their writing. It was adorable!}


  1. We picked a class and our classes would make signs for them! The little ones totally loved it!:)

    Kimberly Ann
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  2. Love that your 2nd graders don't have to test. Ours do. I teach a 1/2 combo and they'll be taking it in a month or so!
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  3. At our school 2nd - 5th test, ususally Tues. - Thurs. The kindergarten teachers take one week and the 1st grade teachers take the other week to do things for the testing teachers. We've done breakfast goodies, sweet treats (desserts), notes with treats attached in their mailboxes, signs, and cold soda/water delivered to classrooms, to name a few.

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  4. Rock the STAAR?! What a fabulous idea! Those guitars are super cute, super easy to make, and free...perfect! :)

    P.S. I may have to "borrow" your idea Nicole! ;)

  5. We pair up with the classes that are having to test and make special posters and cards with words of encouragement for test days.
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  6. We've had school pep rallies and had cheerleaders from the older campuses help lead cheers. We also did a parade where 3rd grade walked through the halls and we all just cheered for them. Then they went to the second grade classes to share strategies. Gave the second graders a preview of what was to come and gave them extra practice. Of course we have also provided food to the 3rd grade team. Nothing in the works this year. I'll have to think of something as we really should show our support. Love the guitars!
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