Beetles Expository Writing

We are really focusing on expository writing in my class this last week. It lines up perfectly with our Treasures story- all about beetles! We started the week doing an interactive tree map. I LOVE interactive writing. Do you do interactive writing regularly in your classrooms??
{we fold up the bottom of the paper and write on the back so it stays in the correct column if they run out of room. If you'd like the tree map click the picture to snag it up!}
After the tree maps, we did some journal writing Tuesday about their favorite beetle {fireflies were a favorite in our class!} then Wednesday we made our rough drafts of the expository writing. {Remember writing is a Process with a capital "P" in Kinder!}
This is me conferencing with the students who needed a little more support on using the tree map to create sentences. Sorry for the blurry picture- but I keep leaving my camera on the dining room table!
Waah-la! An *almost* finished product! Hopefully I will have pictures for you tomorrow of the finished product- if you want to see my post from last year about these- click HERE
We make these little cutie patooties and bring in some Math, too! :) 


  1. Thanks for the beetle tree map...the boys in my class are going to love it!

  2. I just love your blog and all your great ideas and products!! I sent you an email regarding your awesome packet, School Memories! Thank you for all you do to contribute to the world of education!! I don't have a blog or design products, but I LOVE teaching and am so grateful for all those teachers out there who have a passion for blogging and creating! :)
    -Sara Chrobot

  3. Wow, this is so awesome, just stumbled onto your site for your weather chart and LOOOOVE all that you post! Will become a follower :) ♥


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