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My goodness it's been a busy week! I know I told you guys that our house had sold... all was well, the inspection went off without a hitch, the 10 days period passed, and we were just waiting until closing. Then we got bad news...the people that were buying our buyers' house (that they had also sold without a hitch) fell our sale fell through, too. Boooo hisss!

So, our house has been back on the market the last week or so and we've had people coming through like crazy. (great, right?!) Except it's really put a damper on our lifestyle! lol! We had to be out of the house all day yesterday for showings (thank goodness we have family in town where we can camp out) So I apologize if my blog gets a little lonely.. it's just because we're crazy busy!

On another note.. STAAR was this week and my little darlings were.. well, a little less than darling. We share a wall with a testing room so we have to be utterly. silent. It's awful! My principal only came around once and asked us to tone it down (I blog name is "Rowdy" for a reason!) It's so hard because I'm not one of those teachers that requires absolute silence. They get to talk and help each other during stations every day! My babies don't know how to act when I tell them we can't talk! I get stares like "is she serious?!" 

We kept busy, though! We're wrapping up our studies of the regions of Texas and community workers. We made a map of our neighborhood community and placed all of the stores/ places that are right around our school on the map. I love doing this every year. We all put our houses on the map (by relative location.."I live behind the school.. near the park, etc").
THEN, the really fun thing- we get to make little community worker stick puppets and place them on the map (using a little ball of play-doh). We all chose a place in our community and discussed the jobs that people do there.. teachers, janitors, store clerks, bankers, coaches, maids, etc. I love this because it's so relatable to each student... they all have been to these places ad know someone that works in our community (moms, dads, aunts, uncles, ME ;)

There were a few "Mrs. Aldersons" on the map by the school. ha! stinkers!


  1. That's so frustrating! I can't even imagine how annoying that must be to deal with (both the house and staying silent all week... I don't know that I could handle that!)

    I love the little community helpers project! So cute!

  2. We are heading into testing week next week!!! Good thing is though that we are on our own all, bad thing is we have to be in our room ALL DAY LONG including lunch...

    So sorry to hear about your house deal falling through, good luck going forward!

    The community map looks FUN!!!

    Have a great Sunday :-)
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