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I'm so excited about this post today! I'm a pretty organized person by nature...and I LOVE a good organizational tip! So when I was reading my one of my FAVORITES blog a while back I knew I just had to do the same thing. You guys...I got to meet Kristin in person in January and she is seriously the best! She is just as hilarious in person as she is on her blog and she was super nice and kept us entertained when I got us lost for, like, an hour in Dallas. {I am the WORST with directions- just ask the Mr.}

So, anyway...I saw Kristin's calendar organization post and knew that I was going to become a certified whack-a-doodle right along with her! Half of my calendar cards as we speak are laying in the top drawer of my desk at school in a bunch of Ziploc bags. They're not even labeled. I know! Just thrown in the drawer. {the bags are clear...right?! You can see exactly what's inside! ;)}

So I dug through my closet and found this empty index card holder. It says "my recipes" on top. I have no idea where it came from, but it works perfect! {I covered the "my recipes" up with a little "calendar" label} Then I went to our teacher store and bought some library pockets and index-sized folders. Look at these cute polka dot folders! I labeled them with the months that we are in school.
So here's the fun part... the calendar pieces! I placed a little label on the front of each library pocket and laminated them. I sliced open the pocket with the tip of my scissors and put each month's calendar pieces inside.
So now I have perfectly organized calendar pieces! The holidays for each month are also in the pocket.'s where Kristin gets suuuuper smart. She pre-fills-out little birthday cards and places them in the month that they fall in. For those kids that have summer birthdays {I feel their pain!} she finds a month where there are only a few or none and places their card in that folder so when it comes to that month, she sees it and there's no "OH MY GOSH IT'S THE END OF MAY AND WE HAVE 4 BIRTHDAYS TO CELEBRATE BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK!" {but you've never done that before, right?!}
 So, once I get my kids' info I will be doing this first thing! 
Then I won't have to think about it the rest of the year!
CLICK HERE to snag up the month labels and the birthday cards for FREE! And then go over to 
A Teeny Tiny Teacher and tell her how smart she is for this idea.Then head over to Tara's blog to see all the other Monday Made Its!


  1. I love the way you organized your calendar pieces. What a great idea! Pinning this for my K teachers. LOVE IT!!
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. Great idea! Mine are in some serious need of organization!!

  3. I love a good organization tip! I really need to get better at orgnanizing my birthday gifts for my students.
    Keep Calm and Hoot On

  4. Where did you get the adorable tiny file folders?

    1. I got them at our local teacher's called "Teacher Heaven" :)

  5. Setting up the kids' birthdays ahead of time is such a good idea. I use a dry erase calendar so I go a month at a time, but I do need to figure out a system! Love the coupon idea.


  6. Suuuuuper cute, Nicole! I loved this idea too when I saw it on Kristin's blog. Hmmm.....I think I have a plastic recipe box tucked away somewhere....

  7. I love this idea! I am going to be giving my calendar area a complete overhaul so this will be perfect! Heading to check Kristin's post! Thanks. :)
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  8. How much more of a whack-a-doodle would I be if I re-made my whole system to look like yours?? And what in the world are your coupons??? Have you blogged about that before and I missed it? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  9. Fantastic idea! I have the same mini file folders...I currently use them to organize stickers by season/theme, but I'm definitely going to put your idea to use.
    Endeavors in Education

  10. Thank you!!! These are adorable!! :)

  11. I just found a slew of calendar pieces in a box I cleaned out today- this does not include the sets I already have at school. I even thought, yes, I have an index file box at school. So now I can enhance the whole thing!! :) Thank you!!

  12. So excited! Saw your labels on IG and couldn't wait to hear more. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to start on this tomorrow!

  13. Wow! Thank you so much, Nicole! These are great! Mine are organized in separate sterilite drawers, but I like this idea so much better! More compact than having12 drawers sitting on my counter!

    One Sharp Bunch

  14. If you go to Google Images, you can find free printable templates for mini file folders. I now can print as many as I like on scrapbook paper/cardstock. Perfect for this wonderful idea!

  15. What font did you use for the month labels on the dividers in the box?

  16. Love this idea, I am going look for the mini file folders.


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