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So..I am officially on the "back to school" countdown! It's a month still until school starts but I go back in 2 weeks for a million hours of trainings. One thing I always do mid-July or so is change my habit when grocery shopping! We use the reusable bags when getting our groceries, but starting in July I ask for paper bags instead.
For meet the teacher night, I usually have a decent amount of students that come with their school supplies. I do not do community supplies {other than pencils and I will post more about that later} so I like my students to all have their own bags of supplies. Sometimes they come in with a plastic bag, sometimes it's all stuffed into their backpack. I like it all to be organized, and I have a method to my paper sacks is the easiest way to organize it all!
My parents will have jobs that they have to complete {all in their manila folder that is in their child's mailbox} and one of them is to put their child's sticker onto the brown bag and place supplies inside. I usually have them find their child's locker and place the bag inside. This way I can come back to it later when there are not {what seems like} 200 people in my classroom.
{supplies nestled all neatly in the paper sack. I pull out supplies as we introduce proper care of them each day the first week of school. My TA is a HUGE help and places labels onto all of their folders, binders, notebooks, etc.}
It is so simple...but seriously! LIFE changing!


  1. ummm... i need to find some paper bags!! with handles... I haven't seen those :-/ Where could i order them!? lol
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach

    1. I think my local Kroger has them. I will ask them to donate some. If not, I think I remember seeing them in the paper product section of my Walmart. Checking tomorrow!!

    2. Trader joes has brown grocery bags with handles too.

  2. This is a great idea! Instead of paper bags, I will probably use my reusable grocery bags. I have tons of them! I also keep a supply of them in my classroom to send work home for absent students. They're nice and sturdy, and I usually get them back.


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