Comprehension BUNDLE!

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I'm super excited about bundling up my comprehension packets! I've been working all year..season by season to make a comprehensive (and cohesive) unit that can be used throughout the year! 

I use these packets all throughout the year- beginning at teacher table and then I slowly place it in my stations baskets as my students become more comfortable with reading them! {If you buy the bundle, you're getting a 20% discount off buying the packets separately!}

Here are some pictures of the Fall packet- each packet includes 20 differentiated stories {low, medium, high} and then 5 create-a-story pages or scrambled sentences. Each story has connection and comprehension questioning pages that go along with the story. There are visuals for your students to use with each packet {so there are no "but Mrs. Alderson, I don't know howwww to draw a leaf!"}
 Here's a little look at the packets that are included in the bundle:

Click on over to my store to snag this packet up 20% off through this weekend only!! That's like getting each packet at $4 instead of the $6 that they are priced separately! CLICK HERE to see the packet in my store!

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