APPLES! Interactive notebooking

The next month of Kindergarten just happens to be my favorite part of the year!! {FALL!!!} Starting this week we will do 2 weeks of apples and then 2 weeks of pumpkins back to back. Lots of comparing, science, cooking, and just all around fall fun!

I've been working on an apple pack to incorporate into our apple learning. I'm pretty excited about all of the interactive notebook pages that I added to the unit- our notebooks just get bigger and bigger every year!
 To begin, we usually read an Expository book about apples. We are close reading Apples for Everyone this week. It ties in perfectly to all the basic topics about apples! I love for my students to make connections and pick out the facts that they find interesting. At this point in the year, we are just drawing and labeling what we can!
Then we talk about the seasons of an apple tree (tied in to the life cycle)
Then we go on to the life cycle.... 
We can't leave Math out! We have been working on decomposing to 5 and this fun little interactive page ties in perfectly! 
Next week, after studying heating and cooling in science, we will cook and taste homemade applesauce! It always surprises me how many kids actually do NOT like it! {how dare them!!} ;) We tie this into our social studies standards this six weeks of sequencing.
If you'd like to purchase these interactive pages plus a TON of reading and math stations, click on over to check out the packet!


  1. These are simply adorable! I have a group this year that are thriving with INB! These will be a perfect addition...I'm off to go check out the packet. Thanks, Jen :)

  2. Have you thought about making a science interactive notebook? While the pack looks awesome, the interactive notebook pages really interest me.


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