Recognizing numbers FREEBIES!

Hi friends!

I just wanted to share with you a few little stations that my kids have been working on this week. We are working hard to really get down one to one correspondence, recognizing our numbers, and building sets! We are working on decomposing and shapes in whole group and small group, but I wanted to reinforce those skills that we can still need a little practice on in stations.

Every year I feel like we beat 1-5 into the ground{am I the only one who feels this way?!} ..but they need a solid foundation with 1-5 to be able to build upon!
This one is SO simple...just stack linking cube towers with the correct amount on top of the number!

My kids LOVE anything with play-doh...and they do such a good job counting and breaking apart the play-doh to build the correct sets. {hmm...we might have skipped 2 on this one! ;)}
To snag up these two little gems, click HERE! I hope you enjoy!


  1. I LOVE these ideas! I can't wait to create them! You rock! I wonder if adding fingers holding up the number would be fun?! I have a few kiddos who can't hold up a certain number and that could help!

  2. Great idea!! I love this! I bet the kids love it too. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks so much Nicole! I used these in my preschool today - super easy to prepare and easy to quickly assess who can and can't. LOVE these.

  4. Simple and to the point! Yay! My kiddos love linking cubes and play-doh; I know they will love these! Thankyou!


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