Getting started: Guided Reading

Happy Sunday, friends!

We are 3 weeks into school and I just started guided reading last week! The first 2 weeks there are so many procedures to instill and practice that we never have time for small group! We practice a LOT of independence and reading to ourselves during reading time and I was so glad this week when I started stations....they were totally capable!

So I wanted to give you guys a little run-down on how I run guided reading in my classroom. I don't really do "literacy centers" and I don't really do "Daily 5" {while I would love to...we have intervention pull out during this time and I don't want anyone to miss any of the mini-lessons so I do a 40-ish minute whole group lesson instead before stations} but I do a combination of both!

This is what my rotation chart looks like:
My stations last about 15 minutes each while I meet with a small group for guided reading. I see EVERY single student every day. I have another rotation after recess {a 5th rotation} for my intervention group- so those students in high need will receive 30 minutes of ELA pull out every single day.

A little about each station:

My FAVORITE part of the day is guided reading and it always ends up being my students' favorite part, too. If we have to miss a day because of a half day, assemblies, or such my kids moan and groan about it! seriously! I worked really hard on a packet this summer that encompasses a lot of the phonics skills that we teach over the course of Kindergarten. Click on the pictures below to take a closer look!


  1. This looks awesome Nicole! We started literacy and math small groups last week and it went surprisingly well too. I just love these little kinder friends! Have a great year!

  2. Long ago I did this exact same rotation, then came the government grants, strict no center guidelines, it was not fun. I am now back to doing rotations again and I feel so much more in control of my students learning and I feel I know my students so much better. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. This is getting me so excited for GR! We just finished our testing and will be using the data to set up our small reading groups. This packet looks awesome for my firsties - thanks! Jen :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I'm teaching third, but this was VERY helpful. I love the chart and I can't wait to get these rotations started!

    Revenge of the Thirds

  5. So glad your first week of Guided Reading went well! It always feels daunting to start! I hope to start with my class in a few weeks. :)


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