DIY Burlap Bunting - great teacher gift!

Happy Monday, y'all!

I posted a few pictures on my Instagram account over the weekend of a little bunting that I made to decorate for fall in my house. I had so many requests for a tutorial that of course I obliged! :)

Seriously...this is the EASIEST thing ever and it looks fabulous with little effort! This would be perfect as a teacher gift with the teacher's name painted on it. OCD friends who have to have everything just so...beware when you're using burlap. It is a little difficult to cut perfectly so just let it go...take a deep will look great in the end!
You will need: 
-burlap in 2 different colors or burlap ribbon {I had scraps...I didn't even use 1/8th of a yard}
(this ribbon was from Hobby Lobby- I used it for another project a while back so I had it in my closet but I got it 1/2 off when I bought it)
-plastic needle
-hot glue, scissors, paint of your choice. the fun part..cutting your burlap!!! I taught you a trick to cut burlap in this tutorial but I don't use it when I cut small take a deep breath, sister. You've got this. Repeat after me. It does not have to be perfect! I didn't use a pattern because I'm not the measuring type...but if you need one, click HERE to snag mine up.
I cut out the rectangles first and then went back and trimmed the edges that were super far off. {just eyeball it!} eh hemm.. I had a few that were far from perfect.
Next, cut out the triangle shape for the bunting.
Follow the same process for the coordinating burlap....if you use the burlap ribbon it is much easier to work with. It's more stiff and cuts WAY easier!
If you are using the template, you don't need to follow this step. I didn't, so I had to fold my burlap in half to cut the triangles out at about the right size.  If you are going to paint anything on the top layer, this is the time to do it! Just place it on top of a piece of paper to be sure it doesn't bleed through.
Use a thin line of hot glue to tack the top bunting to the bottom bunting.
Line your bunting pieces up the way you want to string them. Thread your needle with the twine.
Thread the twine in and out of the bunting. Leave as much or as little space between each piece.
Hang up and enjoy!
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  1. I love this. It will be perfect for a display window at school. Thanks so much for sharing. What did you use for the lettering?


  2. LOVE! I just decorated my mantle with spooky Halloween decor, but I may steal this in November. Your chalk art is gorgeous too!! {Jana}

  3. I would love a gift like this! I love your chalk sign too! :)

  4. Wha ! Wonderful ! I like your blog ! Bravo ! :)

  5. I would like to know what you used for the lettering, too, please. Love it!


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