5 for Friday APPLES!

Phew, friends! It was a long week around here....anyone else!? We were up to our ears in apple fun...so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday {Teeny's version of it on Saturday! ;)}to share a little with you!

We taste tested apples this week and graphed our favorites...I love looking back to see how my classes all compare from year to year. Last year my class was ALL about the green apples! {yellow is my fave...anyone else?!}
We've been learning about properties of matter {along with the 5 senses and taking observations} in science the last few weeks. We used our balances to compare apples and school objects and then we found cut outs in a magazine and put them on a "balance" in our interactive notebooks. The page is from my apple pack.
We've been working on characters and setting in reading and we illustrated the story elements from "The Biggest Apple Ever." They did such a good job! This page is a freebie from HERE.
We made applesauce on Friday..I always bring in this apple peeler/corer and have the kids help me turn the handle. You wouldn't believe the "oooh's and ahhhh's" that this brings!! It works like magic every time!!
 And to end the week...I'll share with you my glamour shot {AKA school pictures! lol!} The photographer who does our school photos is so nice....he airbrushes all of us teachers...so that we look like we came right off the beach without a blemish or wrinkle to be seen! ha!! It actually ends up looking nothing like us in the end and we laugh about them being our glamour shots {remember that place in the mall?!!?}
I hope your week was fabulous and I will be back with some owl fun soon!!
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  1. Wow! That is a great picture of you - you really do look like a model! I love all your apple activities. We're doing matter, too, and I want/need to do that apple tasting activity. I love how you made the bar graph with the apples!


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