The bare classroom...

OK, I've been seeing SO much classroom decor ideas and crafts that I can hardly help myself...
A lot of you have been sharing pictures of your classroom, and I've received emails about pictures of mine... so.. here it is... in all its bare glory!
I moved classrooms at the end of the year and have been patiently awaiting it to be completely cleaned before I go up and start decorating! {Look at that little ham! Once she realized I was taking pictures, she was running in front of the camera!}

Now...this past weekend I went to Dallas to go to one of my wonderful teammate's weddings and picked up a few goodies!!
 We hit up IKEA.. I SO wish I lived near one... I'm going to have to go visit my sister in law in Dallas next month just so I can go again! :)
These will be perfect for my reading corner/ safe space!

 Have ya'll seen these bar-hangers? I'm not sure where it will go yet, but I'm so excited to have it {I bought 2 so I could either use 2 at school or have one for home, too!}! And the buckets and bar cost $7 together!

I plan on making this a Monday Made it project soon! It will be a perfect little caddy for materials at my writing center!


  1. Great finds at IKEA!! I wish I lived closer to one too.


  2. You have to love IKEA!! I wish I could hop in the car & take a ride right now just for those pillows. It will be nice to start with a clean slate so you can add all of your cute decor to it next year!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. I know, Lisa!! After getting home, I wish I had grabbed at least 3 more of them! They were $3 a piece! I was using some restraint while I was in the store - I wish I hadn't! haha!

  3. I live near an Ikea but I've never been! Maybe I need to hit it up :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. TERI!! You have never been?!! You need to go! Pronto! Take a whole day... it will take you that long! And get ready to be amazed! I spent $30 for everything I got (and I got more than just in the pictures!)

  4. Your classroom is huge! Don't you just love buying stuff for your classroom. It is more fun than decorating my house (because more people see my classroom!)

  5. Thanks for showing pics of your room. Did you choose to move rooms? I am so excited to get into my new room. I live about five minutes from IKEA and I have to resist going so often. It's fabulous!!! Anyways, thanks for showing your room and I can't wait to see it put together. :)


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

    1. Yes I did! Room 300 is kind of THE notorious 300... everyone has to put their time in there haha! It has no closet or sink.. it was made to just be a resource room, BUT the growing school population... so as soon as a "better" room opened, I jumped on it!

  6. Love love love the polka dot pillows! And I'm going to this bar hangers to use during for my morning meeting as we count the number of days of school. Thanks for sharing!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  7. Thank you so much for the binder pages. Soooooo cute.



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