Season wheels!

Happy Saturday friends!
I *definitely* woke up at 6:10 this morning panicking because I overslept! Ha! For some reason I had it in my head that it was Tuesday for the first few minutes I was awake. Thank goodness I was wrong! I had to check my phone to double check, and by that time going back to sleep was hopeless!

We've been studying seasons this week in Science and we've being doing a lot of fun things with them! We started out by singing the 4 seasons song on YouTube and the Seasons rap- I taught my kids the sign language to each season which they LOVE with the songs because there are parts where it gets really fast and you know it gets hilarious when you're trying to do motions super fast!

We studied a season a day and completed this season wheel over the week:
We painted each kid's hand and stamped it 4 times. We used cotton balls for Winter and wrinkled up tissue paper for Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

My teammate has been doing these season wheels for most of the time that she has been teaching, so it was definitely not my idea! I'm crediting you here, Steph! 
They turned out adorable, and it really enforced the weather of each season!

We're working on a display for the hallway, but we've only got the winter part completed so far:
 Each of our kiddos completed a snowman with their name. My snowman was 10 miles long! (Mrs. Alderson sure is a lot of letters!)
Hopefully next week I will be back with an update on the rest of the display!!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me!

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