Veteran's Day

How are you guys getting along with this time change?!

This time change is always so hard for me! See.. I'm a morning person. Yes, I'm on of "those" people. I like waking up early and drinking my coffee before anyone else is awake (except Luke... I swear he hears me switch the light on in the kitchen before I even do) 

I have never slept past 11 am. I swear! Not even in college! Now I wake up around 6:30 or 7 on the weekends "sleeping in" so when Mr. daylight savings time takes my morning time away it makes me grumpy! ha! ;) 

It may only take a month for me to adjust!

While I'm still adjusting, my kids have been getting along perfectly! They've been little bundles of energy lately. It's started to get cold here and you teachers know what weather changes do to our little darlings! Cray cray!

{side note real quick... if you have YouTube access at your school you MUST check out "kids zumba- AWESOME indoor recess!}

Anyway- my kids are cray cray, Mrs. Alderson is still cranky because I can't adjust to the time change, and we're whipping out cute little soldiers left and right today. I introduced Veteran's Day yesterday. We made a bubble map about soldiers and wrote about some characteristics or soldiers.

Today we finished up with Miss Kindergarten's  wonderful Veteran's Day Craft!
 {A soldier is helpful and kind.}
{A soldier is a hero and kind.} {A soldier is helpful and strong.}
Didn't they turn out adorable?! And my kids had some wonderful conversations about what soldiers do for our country! Thank you Hadar for this wonderful activity! I know Veteran's Day has  passed- but she has writing prompts for Memorial, Labor, AND Veteran's day included in her pack. Go check it out!


  1. A morning person?! I'm definitely not :) The soldiers came out great!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Love the Zumba for kids! (great way to sneak in a little work out for the teacher during the work day too :) )

    And I love your soldier craft! Soooo cute!

    The Classroom Game Nook

  3. I'm a total morning person too -- 7:00 is sleeping in! I LOVE those first few moments of the quiet morning. BUT...I'm a total wimp when it comes to staying up late. Most nights I go to bed right after my kids! Ha!

  4. Your soldiers are great! Looks like they had lots of fun with this activity!

  5. PS I love the Zumba video! My co-teacher takes Zumba 1 - 2 times a weeks and loves it! She has tried to incorporate her Zumba fun into the classroom!


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