Who will carve the Turkey?!

Good morning!
We got our first snow last night- I'm so glad I decided to go to the grocery store last night!
Are you out for Thanksgiving break already?!
We have Monday and Tuesday still to go... 

I *love* teaching Thanksgiving to my kiddos- so many good books and lessons to teach this time of year! Last week one of the many books we read was "Who Will Carve the Turkey This Thanksgiving" 

I took the opportunity to do an interactive writing with my students. What better way to get those brains active and really thinking!?
First we brainstormed some animals and what silly things they could do with a turkey..
 {does anyone else HATE writing on the Smart board? It doesn't matter how many times I realign it, it writes all wonky!}

Then we began writing..I love all the illustrations my kids used- they really added a lot of details!

If you want to snag this page up, click HERE or on the picture below!



  1. What a cute idea! I agree that writing on a smart board never looks good!

  2. Very cute! Was that your writing, you do much better than I do. Most of the time I sit at the camera and write it and let it project on the board. I know I'm supposed to teach on my feet, but my board constantly needs to be calibrated.
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