Winter Comprehension!

So this is *way* late... but maybe you can save it for next year!
So we had Thanksgiving at our house...but we don't have enough place settings for everyone 
{there were 16 of us} so I made these cute little napkin/ silverware holders to fancy thing up a bit. All I did was fold the paper so that there were equal amounts of "white space" around the "give thanks" part then cut the extra paper off. I unfolded the paper and then used the paper cutter to trim the top half of the paper off. I used a good 'ol Elmer's glue stick to glue the flap onto the back paper. Easy peasy! Click on the picture to snag these up from Google Docs.
I also finished up this new Winter Comprehension Pack that I'm sooo excited about! 
I know some of y'all can't use Christmas themed things in your classroom so this works perfectly for the season without being Christmas-y. I'm planning on using it AFTER Christmas up until Valentine's Day in my own classroom. My kids go bananas for these {they love finding the matching pictures and then drawing them}
Here are a few sample pages {I copy them front to back}

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