"Hopping" addition and my farm pack complete!

Happy Friday friends!

I was at Target last night picking up diapers and formula for Mister sir when I browsed through the dollar spot and found these fabulous little rabbit hoppers in a large clear Easter egg! At first glance I thought "ooh, I can make a word search in the egg with all sorts of cute stuff" and the little hoppers are just a cute plus. BUT when I got to school this morning I was trying to think of some other ways I could practice addition during my intervention time when it hit me!

This is what I came up with:

I made two number lines with strips of paper. Working with a partner (one kid to a number strip) they put the rabbit at the end of the line and the number that it landed closest to was part of their problem. I added tape on the ground to remind them what they were doing. After doing this a few times I don't think they'll need it anymore. Once their rabbit was on the number, they had to pull that many linking cubes out. They wrote the number sentence on their "whiteboards" (plastic plates) and then counted the cubes all together to get their answer.

They were NUTS about this and were all successfully creating number sentences and adding correctly on their own! WOOHOOO!

While I was at it I made some strips to practice number words and also some with sight words. They'll have to read the word and then record it - eventually I'll make a recording sheet. Just not today :)

On another note, I finished my "Farming for Math and Literacy Fun - Kindergarten stations" packet on TpT. Go check it out! Lots of good stuff! {click on the picture}



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