Our community map and a farm freebie!

Hi friends! I only worked a half day today because my little girl has Pre-K orientation this afternoon! I can't believe it! I almost couldn't handle my emotions at my school's Kindergarten orientation thinking about her going to "big school" as we call it. :)

This week has been the STAAR test for the 4th and 5th graders here in Texas and Oh. my. word. am I tired! I can't imagine what those teachers feel like that actually have to give the test! Just keeping my little ones super quiet and in my classroom alllllll. day. long. was enough! Thank goodness it's over for this round of testing!

We did get a lot done, though! I had to keep them occupied with some extra crafts just to keep us all sane! I have some pictures of the map we created of our community and the regions of Texas that we learned about - it's nothing super cute (from our curriculum), but it got the job done!

 Map of the area right around our school

 Each kid colored their house to look like their own - 
this little one knew there was an "e" in there somewhere, haha!
 United (grocery store) and the Movies

I've been working on a Farm unit for all of you - our farm unit is in October-ish so I'm going to recreate it over the summer to work on some of those beginning of the year skills. I should be finished with it tonight but here's a little freebie from the pack!
{click on the picture to take you to the download}

I'm working on a "Dinosaurs, Fish, and Creatures, oh my!" Unit next - any requests for skills to include in it?

If you're still with me now (thanks!) don't forget about Tammy's giveaway that my Spring pack is included in! She's picking a winner tomorrow so if you haven't entered yet, get yourself entered!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!

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