Weather, yikes!

Uggghhhhhh! I'm such a chicken when it comes to severe weather! There was a huge line of severe thunderstorms from Amarillo down to Midland (Lubbock being in the middle) that was rockin' and rollin'. I wake up from the thunder....check my phone....see there is a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning. I roll over, try to just listen to the thunder, watch the lightning, no success. My paranoid self can't go to sleep without at least checking on it. I had to come out into the living room to turn the t.v. on - everything is fine but now it is 2 hours later and I can't go back to sleep! ughh! 

 I made this today and was going to post it later this week after I took pictures of it, but what the hey? Here is another cute little small group/station activity for word families. Click on the picture to download. If it gets a little blurry in google docs, just refresh the page and try again. It has done this to me several times - I'm not sure why but refreshing the page will fix it!



  1. Cute blog! I'm your newest follower!!!

    1. Thanks Brittany!! So excited for you to follow me! Be sure to grab the freebies I've made! :)


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    1. Thanks Jennifer! (and thanks for following, too!! I'm trying to work on getting more followers...and special tips?!)


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