Graphing fun!

Thank goodness it's ALMOST Friday!! Can I get an amen?!
This week has been a little nuts-o in my class, and overall its just been a crazy week! My parents bought us a new swing set for the kids (like, one of those monsters in the backyard- it's fabulous!!) and it was put in yesterday, so we were out there all night! Now I'm covered in a bajillion mosquito bites - and oh, did I mention my 16 month old son can climb all. the. way. up the slide by himself?! It's as tall as me! So scary! Obviously... there will be NO reading this summer while the kids play outside! I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk!

Anyway.....back to the topic at hand: graphing! I love to graph anything and everything - what a great way to teach so many different skills at one time?! Talk about comparative language! We graph our weather every day and I try to incorporate them into my math tubs to keep those kiddos on their toes, but it's been a few six weeks ago since we've officially "taught" them, so I was excited to see that it was a part of our curriculum this six weeks! {sorry for that run-on, whew!}
And...of course, we've all done it - M&M colors..favorite subject, hair color, etc... but because our unit right now is "Amazing Creatures" I thought I'd incorporate a little of everything into Math!

We tasted cinnamon, graham, and chocolate flavored Teddy Grahams and Pizza, Cheddar, and Pretzel Goldfish (I hadn't had the pretzel kind, yum!!)  They all were so excited to check out the different flavors they were perfect little angels the whole time! :)

 Yea... that bear's mouth is all wonky.. I was trying to make it look like the face on the front of Teddy Grahams: fail!

And...of course, I have the little graphing packet with recording sheets and graph labels for you!! Just click on the picture below to grab the freebie!

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is fantastic!

  2. So awesome! BTW, I think the bear's mouth is cute in a quirky sort of way! ;)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

    1. haha thanks Jen! I thought about flipping it over and trying again but then thought why?! Stop! It doesn't have to be perfect! lol

  3. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hi Nicole! I don't even remember how I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, but I just love it! I snatched this cute graphing freebie -- thank you! I'm curious if you could do a post sometime that explains your daily schedule. I am a K teacher in Michigan and we are FINALLY making the switch to all day, every day next year. I'd love to see what a typical day in your room looks like! Thanks for the FUN ideas!

    Happy Friday!


    1. Hi Jill!! Thank you so much! Yes that sounds like a fabulous idea! I will do it soon!

  5. These graphing ideas look so fun! I can't wait to do them next week with my kindies! Thanks for sharing!


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