Stations this week - and some advice needed!

I love seeing other teacher's stations and how they organize them - every one has their own unique way of doing them, so I love to share mine with ya'll! If you'd like to read the post I wrote about how mine are organized, you can read it here.

Before I begin - a question - HOW do you have your kids differentiate between syllables and phoneme segmentation?!?! My kids had syllables down pat until I introduced segmenting.  And they are great at segmenting, but when we switch back and forth it really confuses the little darlings! What are some techniques ya'll use to keep them separate?? I would love any tips!

Most of these stations are from my "Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Sea Creatures, Oh, My!" Packet.
Fishy syllables - they did great when I worked through this with them, but eesh! They kept on wanting to say that f-i-sh has 3 syllables (great segmentation, friends! but not quite what I'm looking for! :)
 Rainbow writing spelling words (I swear, that butcher paper is magic! I only pull this out every few weeks so they don't get tired of it it doesn't lose its magic!
 Sight word hunt from Mrs. Patton's Patch
 Dinosaur Scrambled sentences
 Sounding out sneaky E words
I would love to hear any advice ya'll have to share!!



  1. I agree! My kids get so confused and I get so frustrated because they were just doing it and now they question themselves, etc.. Needless to say I understand!
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  2. Maybe you could get your kids underlining 'sounds' including groups of letters that make a sound and then chop for syllables eg maybe would be may/be with the ay underlined (I can't do it in here).
    In my yr 2 class we talk about sounds and syllables and they seem to be able to keep it pretty straight lol.
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  3. Girl I'm with you on the confusion. I'll keep reading any further comments to see if there are more good suggestions. By the way, I sent our stuff to Pam, no post yet though :/

  4. Cute stuff, as always!

    My kids used to get SO confused with that also... but this year I found a solution (that works with my class at least). When we work on syllables, we use a maraca. The majority of the kids clap the syllables, but one kid shakes the maraca to segment each syllable. Also, every time we say the word syllable, we shake the maraca and say "syl-la-ble." When we work on segmenting the phoenemes, we use a slinky, moving it out slowly with each sound. I used to use only the slinky, but adding the maraca this year really helped... it adds a fun twist, and it gives them a unique visual and auditory clue for syllables. It really made a difference this year!

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    1. LOVE this idea, Jessica!! We use different body motions for syllables and segmenting but I love the idea of using a maraca and slinky! I am definitely going to try this out! Thank you so much!

    2. I call the maraca the syllable shaker and just thought of this one... You can call the slinky the phoneme finder! (don't know why I hadn't thought of that before but I'll be calling it that tomorrow!)

      What actions do you use?


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