Rhyming Couplets!

One of our performance indicators this six weeks is that our kids have to write, revise, and publish a poem! My kids have been doing fabulously with rhyming and writing, but I was still a little nervous about this one! We worked on these today and they really surprised me!! They were SO creative and did SO wonderfully; made this teacher proud!

We read poetry on a weekly basis so my kids are familiar with the structure, etc. but this was a first to publish their own! We brainstormed lots of rhyming words and I gave an example of a "couplet" myself. We read "One Fish, Two, Fish"  and picked out all the rhyming stanzas from Dr. Seuss' book.

Every time we write, we use the "think, tell, draw, write" model. They think for 1 minute quietly about what they are going to write about, then pair with a partner and they each share their ideas. Next, they illustrate and then write.

They all wrote their first sentences by themselves. I conferenced with them afterward and we edited any mistakes they might have made and then most of them came up with their second sentence while we were conferencing. Seriously, they were so creative and really put a lot of thought into it! Take a look!

Writing our rough drafts in our journals

"I went to the zoo. My cow said "moo."
 LOOK at all those labels!!!

"I am so little. I can't reach the middle."
 LOL! Completely came up with this one on his own!



  1. Adorable! My class is actually about to work on the same thing today! I'm nervous as well but seeing your kids writing gives me hope!

    1. I felt the exact same way, but they did great! I'm sure your kids will do awesome, too!


    2. It was so amazing to see them do it! We were using words from the -en word family and it's amazing how creative/funny my kids were!

      Also... Tag! You're it! Come see what this is all about here:

  2. I would love your rhyming couplet template, but the link isn't working :-(

  3. Thanks for fixing the link and for your resources on TPT which I have been downloading/purchasing :-) We have just had a Dr Seuss art exhibition, so this couplet template will fit perfectly. From Leanne down under in New Zealand.

  4. I'm a little scared of teaching poetry, but looking at this has given me hope.


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