Wonderful Weather Watching Materials! {and a freebie!}

Whew! How about that alliteration?!

Our Reading units are almost over...we've got 2 more days of dinosaur fun before we go into full review mode for the rest of the year (22 days!!)! I can hardly believe it!
So, because we won't be  working on any formal unit, I'm going to incorporate our Science studies into everything else. We're going to be re-covering weather in a few weeks so I thought this would be a fun unit to make! Boy, did I get a little carried away with this one! It's 100 pages but could have easily been more - I had to make myself stop because I really want to make a Cinco de Mayo mini-unit this weekend to use next week. In Texas, this is something we ALL celebrate and I have a very large majority of Hispanic kids in my class so I think they will enjoy it and have a lot to share! I can't wait!

But back to weather... I made this super FUN and jam-packed weather Math and Literacy stations packet for my TpT store. There are 7 Math and 7 Literacy materials to use for stations or small group instruction. I would love you to check it out!
Ya'll...SPEAKING of weather...it is 103 degrees here today! Stinkin' hot outside!! Texas weather in the spring (ok, maybe all the time...) is a little crazy, but this is getting ridiculous! 

If you've stuck with my this far, I have a little freebie for you! Here are some super cute spinners and weather graphs that are part of my weather packet - let me know if you grab them!
{click on the picture to grab!}



  1. Love it! Thanks for the freebie!


  2. I love this unit! Great work!! Cute freebie, too!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  3. Thanks for the great weather freebie!! Can't wait for you to post your Cinco de Mayo unit! I am in need of new ideas. Thanks for always sharing!


    1. You are so welcome Heather! I'm busy working on it today - hopefully tomorrow I will have it posted (nothing like last-minute planning, right?!)

  4. These look are very cute. Just found your darling blog. I live in Ohio and we just found out our son is moving to El Paso in July!!

    1. How exciting! El Paso is far from Ohio! What is he moving there for??

  5. I am a new follower!! Thanks for sharing your freebie!

    The First Grade Dream

  6. Thank you for sharing this freebie! It's a good one.


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