12 in 12

I"m linking up with my fabulous blogging friends Hadar and Kristin for their 12 in '12 linky!
 So here goes...my favorite things in 2012!

12. Favorite movie you watched:
Everyone's been saying Hunger Games here... but I wasn't a huge fan of it. I know! Shame on me! I LOVE the books but the movie just wasn't as good... and I haven't even seen the last Twilight yet, but I just know its going to be a fave... my best friend is in PA school and when she comes home for Christmas we're going to see it together.. it's kind of a thing for us- we've seen all the movies together and got each other onto the books when they first came out!
11. Favorite TV series:
Absolutely Modern Family! This is largely in part of Phil Dunphy... he reminds me of my husband- that goofy, funny, impulsive and lovable guy!! Just love him! {I know you wanted to see a picture!}

10. Favorite restaurant:
mmmm...Chuy's! And it's a fave because we just got one here in Lubbock! I always loved to visit when we were in Austin, but now it's even better that there's one close to home! Plus, who doesn't need a good excuse for happy hour?!

9. Favorite new thing you tried:
Absolutely blogging!! I've "met" so many wonderful wonderful people and networked and learned and have definitely become a better teacher because of it!

8. Favorite gift you got:
 ok, so this one wasn't in '12, but it was just about a year ago. My sweet hubby surprised me with a car! Exactly the one I wanted! I had NO clue! {and for no special occasion... he's good like that ;}

7. Favorite thing you pinned:
6. Favorite blog post:
ANY of my "Monday Made Its!" I loved with a capital "L" cranking out these posts every week this summer! I got a lot accomplished and my creative juices were flowing like crazy! 

5. Best accomplishment:
Definitely putting myself out there in blog-land! 
4. Favorite picture:
This one's not that "great" but it is so funny! Our best friends have twins and for their first birthday they did a "moustache" themed party- SO fun! I'm sure Luke will love this one when he's grown!
3. Favorite memory:
Alderson family vacay 2012! We rented a house close to the river and hung out by the pool the whole time! Jamie {my sister in law holding nephew Davis in front} is one of my best friends and I could talk to her for a million hours without running out of things to say! {she's a sped teacher}

2. Goal for 2013:
eesh... work out more! I'm good at it during summer, but then school comes along and my schedule gets all wacky!
1. One Little Word:


  1. Cute blog! Thanks for sharing.

    Judy @ It's Raining Resources

  2. I love Modern Family, too!
    Love the cute moustache picture!

  3. I love me some Modern Family, I said Chuy's was my fav as well, and I also said Faith. Ever since I created that post all I can think about is Chuy's ranch dip... haha!

  4. Modern Family! Yes!

    And Chuy's? None of those in Michigan! :)

  5. I love Chuy's too! I hope you a wonderful, restful break!

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  6. Faith. What a strong and powerful word! Thanks for sharing!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade


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