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So.. let me tell you a little bit about Treasures. It doesn't make sense.

Nope, not one bit!So I get major jealousy when I see all you alls posting about your fabulous Christmas themed stories and centers and such! Now.. I do all of my stations thematically, but I *really* wish my district wasn't so strict on the curriculum. Like, there's no veering from it.. we get a few weeks a year that are "free." So we go to town doing all the fun stuff we can't do any other time! I try to sneak all my theme-y stuff into Social Studies time! ;)
Shuna from Pocket Full of Kinders sent me this fabulous animal centers pack.
It worked out perfectly that we're working on an Animals unit by our curriculum now. I know, in January?! And not the penguin and seal and snow type of animals... but PET animals. Don't you guys just love Treasures?! {those that use it! It really makes no sense whatsoever} 
 How did she know that it would fit right in to the curriculum we're in right now?! ;)
The packet is all about beginning, medial, and ending sounds. Perfect for Kindergarten curriculum!
Here's the one I used for my intervention group last week. Beginning sounds with animals! They really enjoyed placing the tiles on the cards and writing all the animals out on the recording sheet.

{I just love those letter tiles! I use them for everything!!}
Click HERE to check out her stations pack!

Shuna's packet has much more in it and everything is perfect for our little guys any time of the year!
Now click on over to Shuna's post to see what has been going on in her classroom {hint! It's from me ;)}


  1. Our L.A. curriculum is awesome and I love the direction it gives me in teaching skills, but I agree that it takes away so much of the fun flexibility of teaching. And especially with the little ones, I'd love to be able to do more animal studies and other fun things. But if I didn't have it, I'd probably be complaining about all of the extra work I'd have to put into preparing things! Ha! We teachers are so hard to please!! :)

  2. What a great packet! We use Treasures too - So I know your feelings! And I visited Shuna and love your Winter pack! I know both of your classes must be having so much fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Crayons and Curls

  3. Oh Treasures, how I miss you! We used Treasures for 2 years and though I complained about the order of things, I would take it over CSCOPE any day.

    Heather (

  4. What a great way to sneak in some fun activities!

    Darling Little Learners

  5. Oh I feel your pain! The schedule of treasures sometimes makes NO SENSE. And don't even get me started on they way they chose letters and word families that had NOTHING to do with the weekly story. UGH.

  6. I am with you on Treasures! I do not like it at all and my new school is so strict on us using it with fidelity. It drives me bonkers. I write it on my plans, but then I incorporate a LOT of other things. I just think it's kind of boring and doesn't meet the needs of my students. :( Womp womp...


  7. UGH, Treasures. I really don't know who writes this stuff. The phonics and grammar scope is ridiculous. It's either too easy or doesn't logically fit where they put it! Most of the anthology stories are lame and not very authentic. I have been s-l-o-w-l-y veering... keeping what is mandatory only! Thank goodness for science/social studies time, where I can sneak in some fun themes and more literacy activities!
    Fun and Fearless in First


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