Math fun!

Is this the longest week ever, or what?!
My little monkeys were great last week and this week it's like we're all falling apart! Ahhh! 
It doesn't help that it has been in the 20's all week and we haven't been able to go outside. Talk about stir crazy! {thank goodness for YouTube Just Dance Kids!}

We've been super busy with MLK and also doing some really fun things in Math!
I mean, how boring can learning numbers over and over and over be unless you TRY to make it fun?!
We've played all sorts of bingo games..
 {flip a ten frame over, count and find the number!}

We played a super fun snowball game {thanks to Teeny for the idea!! Go read her post!}
I cut 10 pieces of paper in half and wrote numbers 10-20 on them. Each kid got a number and had to build a set with it for me. Once they built their set they were able to crumple the paper up. Now... I like being the fun teacher and all, but I didn't let them throw balls at each other. I stood in the middle of the carpet and on 3 they all got to toss one at me. I knew someone would get poked in the eye and it would just be all bad new bears from there. This was a good compromise!

They *LOVED* it!! They've never been so excited to build sets! {and it took me all of 2 minutes to prep!}
We've also been working really hard on subtraction. Why is it such a booger to teach?! They get addition..but subtraction can be a doozy! I made up these little subtraction cards as a part of my new Ten Frames Game pack to help practice. Click on the picture to check them out!


  1. I did a snowball fight with my kiddos today as well. We did it with our sight words. They LOVED it!

    I just picked up your 10-frame pack. Super great ideas! Thanks for sharing your math stations. They are fabulous. I might have to try a few of them out next week. :)


  2. A snowball adorable! Loved how you got to be the target...definitely a good idea to save some from tears!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  3. Yes I love your ideas as well and lovely site too.

    go here for more great ideas.

  4. 1. Yes, this feels like the loooooongest week ever. Everyone agrees. It's crawling.
    2. I find it so cute and funny that you stay inside when the temp is in the 20's. We go out unless the windchill is below 0. Ha! I have been one unhappy teacher doing recess duty this week in our frigid weather. Dreaming of blue skies, sandy beaches, and sunburn!
    3. I love all of your fun math ideas! The snowball activity is a must. Adorable!

  5. I love that you were the target! I may have to try that, and making sets...that is great too. Some of my Kinders need more practice with that. We have been having a Snowball Fight by hiding some snowballs under a hat. My kinders are experts at 5, we threw out more snowballs today (8) and it was much tougher. They love playing this in centers. I am hoping the missing addend practice will transfer over when we start subtracting.

    Terri Izatt

  6. Love getting a peek at your math time!
    I can totally see a few of my sweeties crying during the snowball fight:) Love how you had them throw snowballs at you!
    Enjoy your three day weekend...woot woot!


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